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Womens looking for men Turangi

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A one-woman war is being waged on Taupo's "man drought".

The town has more women than men - more in the Census. Nearby Turangi also has the same issue, with an extra women.

Matchmaking maestro Steph Holloway - a body language analyst and author - has recently moved to Taupo and she is vowing to get all the single people together to Womens looking for men Turangi this sorted" with a series of matchmaking events. Holloway wants to help people find that special someone.

Where do the most single people live? I know the struggle that single people have," she said.

Then when the kids do leave home, you're left with this minefield of internet dating, which can be stressful, intimidating, and disappointing. Other theories talk endlessly about social media killing the art of conversation, TV Womenz evil, and the army of single men and women who are rapidly turning into cat parents.

She said the answer is simple. You just don't know it.

And yes, I'm currently single. Holloway is looking for sponsors to help stage what she says will be the biggest singles event Taupo has ever seen.

We are trying to grow the town and keep people here. That won't happen if they can't find someone to share their life with here in Taupo.

Taupo's shortage of men has prompted a new dating Giulianova chat line. Tamara Thorn Steph Holloway discusses solutions to what she calls a man drought in Taupo. The might be a Love Taupo sign in Taupo, but Womens looking for men Turangi are many still looking for love. Women outnumber men in Taupo me one woman is on a mission to help them find love.