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Was that you calling lastnight black girls sex I Am Ready Man

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Was that you calling lastnight black girls sex

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Top definition.

The Simba unknown. The Simba is done by completing the following steps: Guy cums on girls face must get some on forehead As you can lastnihgt tell this is a favorite of many, many girls Bonus points if you dress in a Rafiki costume while doing this.

Kim and George were having sex in the bathroom stall when George thought it would be funny to pull the Simba.

The simba unknown. When you finger a girl on her period and wipe it on her forehead in a slow African style.

I just gave that girl the simba. This is when during intercourse, the dominant male ejaculates onto the submissive female's face.

Guy 1: Hey Vincedid you ever hook up with Nauzli yet? Guy 2: A sexual act that imitates a scene in the lion king where while during sex, the male will pull out and ejaculate girks his hand, than wipe it over his mates forehead like Moofiki did to the baby Simba with some fruit extract.

Seth was about to cum when we quickly pulled out and preformed The Simba all over Sarah's forehead. When a girl spanks your ass so you look like rafikiwhile you wipe your jizz across her forehead with your thumb as you Was that you calling lastnight black girls sex " simba Could be done through masturbation or intercourse with your partner.

Then take your thumb and smear the semen around creating blacj African symbol, representing the opening scene of the Lion King.

It was his first time using The Simba technique. Aero sexual Pajama Boy Shrewd negotiator Peanut dog Esco Clock Spider