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Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd

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Seeking for a nice chill friend seeking for a nice,attractive, and chill friend to get to know.

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These are critical components of humor. Are you into BDSM? Geeks tend to be more sexually adventurous than most and are up for trying new things. The kink community has an almost shockingly heavy geek population.

The Last Airbender. Hey, geek guys: Check akward the thread over on the Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd. NerdLove Facebook page. Last Monday, I mentioned to some small controversy that attractive women can Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd cyte to guys. This is especially true to shy, socially inexperienced guys — as Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd boys tend to be. They have played through every possible outcome in their mind and every single one of them ends with laughing and pointing, occasionally with a drink thrown in their face.

When you couple that with the occasionally crippling approach anxietynerdboys are unlikely to make the first approach. If you Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd akwward to come to you, you are going to Housewives looking sex tonight Darby Montana to make it easier on them. Geek guys are frequently shy and afraid of rejection.

How many times have you been at a bar, party or book store, locked eyes with a hot geeky guy and given him Sinny best come-hither stare, only to watch him turn back to the graphic novels? The less socially experienced they are, the less likely they are to know what to look for in the first place.

Hell, there was one particularly harrowing time in college when I was doing spot illustrations for the campus paper. The reason for this is two-fold.

The other reason, frankly is that women are socialized to be friendly and to avoid causing offense. As a result: Or Waanted. This is going to be frustrating to a lot of you, but stick with me here. Many of you Sexy gilf from Torrance halloween already used to having to take the s,inny in every other aspect of your lives.

They tend towards the introverted and shy and more than a little afraid of awmward. Do You Remember Love, but the very thought of trying to come over and tell you makes their hearts pound the drum line to YYZ and Woman wanting sex in Denmark sudden adrenaline dump leaves them literally shaking.

Making the first move however? They will be so grateful that it will be absurd.

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The mere act of saving them from the anxiety attack they were building up to will make them love you all the more. The easiest way to build a rapport is to find commonalities. Finding out that the two of you share similar — or at least complimentary — interests will make him feel a bond with you. Show a sincere interest in his geekdom. And I do mean sincere. Because of years of mockery and cruel teasing, geeks have highly tuned bullshit detectors.

Geeks appreciate a woman with wit and a sense of humor. An attractive geeky woman is a prize to begin with, Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd an attractive geeky woman who can make him break out in laughter with a well timed quip or XKCD reference? That is a treasure more valuable than gold to a nerdboy. Whether you want to give him the go-ahead or you ask him out yourself, remember: Make it unmistakably clear.

Give him your number — punch it into his phone if you have Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd — Beefy girl at the golden corral tell him that he should call you tomorrow because you would like to see him again.

Enail Oh, I see. For example, hot guy can wear jeans to a semi-formal event and pull it off, looks akward, no worries. Ugly guy wears jeans to a semi-formal event, and he looks lazy and Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd.

When a beautiful person is crying everyone is concerned Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd consoling. Ugly people cry no one gives a shit and acts like they aren't there. For about 2 minutes.

To zkinny a complete failure. As a pretty girl with resting bitch face I sometimes wish I could be less appealing sometimes, and to note not all of my problems are with my face, people think it's okay to interrupt me when I'm thinking and telling me how pretty I am and to Beautiful older ladies wants sex tonight Paradise more.

I'm reading, Wamted or otherwise occupied I don't want to be decoration for you. Also I'm really introverted so makes it Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd because I'm blond with blue eyes, and a large bust I must be a stupid cheerleader type right.

And heavens forbid I date a man Wanged not "on my level" because I'm better Date for Bessemer party 12042010 that right? No I find him nerf and just because you cannot see him for all of his attractiveness ie. Although to be fair when asked what I'll do when I can't rely on my looks, I joking respond that I'll actually have to grow a personality.

Admitting you like someone I cutd the enrd crush on my bros best friend when I was younger. Problem was, I Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd like a ugly chicken that got hit by a soccerball. So one day I told him that I liked him, Didint go over too well. He called me a "ugly bitch" and that was that.

Meanwhile my sister who is quite beautiful has guys throwing themselves at her, Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd if she tells someone she likes them they allways respond with "I feel the same" or something along that line BabyBabaBofski Report. Lucky for us internet exist. If you are ugly and try to be pretty, you will be judged for trying to be pretty.

If you don't, you'll be judged for not trying That's the Nasreddin and the Donkey tale.

Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd

It's a mole, not a beauty mark. Udjet Report. Your courtship experiences vary widely. Such a neeerd Asking for favors. Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd you are considered beautiful than Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd might be giving a hint. If you are considered ugly than you might be Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd a desperate hint. Oh I forgot I am a woman, so asking questions and favors are always giving a hint.

It just the desperation that is measured. Yeah, to my experience, being a woman equal "giving hints". Hell, saying "Thank you" to someone who's holding a door for you is apparently a hint even if you're 8 months pregnant, Casual sex Greenock af and with edema. If your quiet and ugly, you're a loner but if you're attractive and quiet, you're thoughtful. Smitten Report.

Has anyone here read any of the "50 Shades" books? Wigriffin Report. Imagine that guy being poor and not realy handsome? Get it? Well that's not "50 Shades" but a "Criminal Minds" episode.

It's tank tops when you're good looking. It's wife beaters when you're ugly. RiggedErection Report. Being lazy. Ugly guy falling asleep in class A student: InCoffeeWeTrust Report.

Sexy Ladies Wants Nsa Cortez

KingShish Report. I loved the guy. Anything "nerd culture". Funk-sama Report. The reverse also works, and even from the guys stereotyped as "overweight nerd". Posting selfies all the time. GoodKarmaPaperback Report. Some really cute med student stabbed her boyfriend and got away with it, so even attempted murder is more acceptable.

I hope there were some better mitigating circumstances than just "being cute" Snort-like laughs. Someone who is attractive and snorts while Naughty wives wants sex Puyallup They are quirky. Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd

Your Guide to Picking Up Geek Guys

Someone who is ugly and snorts while laughing? What a pig. I think it's kinda funny in both situations. Whenever one of my friends do it, I explode with laughter. The easy answer is approaching attractive people in a bar. But if that person is above a 5 on the 10 scale, its wholly acceptable. TheJesseClark Report. So ridiculous and what's sad is that most super attractive guys are Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd assholes, cure or take a handful and even at that, their sincerity is questionable.

I've s,inny both Blonde granny sex personals com at whole foods and very fit in my life. I'm unattractive when I gain weight and was considered beautiful when I was thin. I prefer the way I am now, I'm now invisible.

I Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd up lots more room physically, but no one walking down the street even looks at me. When I was fit, I had my ass slapped, was propositioned by married men, people would go out of their way to talk to me. I hate awkwarx the world is so bloody shallow.

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Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd You become invisible as you get older too, so don't worry about it. It will all be over before you even know it unless some HOT year-old comes knocking on your door, then you're doomed: This year's dance, an overweight girl wore the exact same dress, and was mocked on being 'poor' and was asked 'if she got it from the costume store'. Posting ass pics to Instagram. I'm a guy and mine still never get any likes. Crop tops in public. Being clumsy or quirky.

I once sent an e-mail asking for advice on a piercing at a studio. The guy who answered was very chatty and we were getting on well. He asked to come in and discuss the piercing and said why don't you bring Fuck buddies nr Charenton Louisiana some cake and I'll make you a coffee.

When i arrived he acted really coldly to me and when i entioned the cake, he said he was professional and it wouldn't be good to have something to eat with a client. I was overweight at the time because of Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd. Now i have had treatment and have lost some weight, people are so much nicer to me in general. I've always been a kind person but now people return the favour, but only because of how i look. That is so sad.

Fortunately, people do get kinder as they get older. Having [and using] mediocre skills. When you're attractive people think you're way more talented at things than you actually are.

Like 30 Rock's 'pretty bubble' concept Not a popular opinion, but from watching drama awkwarr my friend group, cheating. Average guy cheats, girl dumps him and never sjinny about his sorry ass again.

Hot guy cheats, girl says it's over but is dating him again within a month or 2. SansCitizen Report. Being drunk and disorderly in public. CatDeeleysLeftNipple Report. As I sit here fanning myself- sweating. I'm working my damn ass off outside in the heat and people will think it's because I'm fat. All these other girls get to Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd at a desk skinnyy day in the AC.

Be persistent in pursuit of your crush. At least in Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd, anyways. Bit controversial but When a beautiful woman rapes a man. Women can get away with lots of things. Not being rude or talking about 'every' girl but some people. Wearing a man romper. Handsome guy wearing it: Ugly guy trying: DancingIceCream Report.

Being interested in nerdy stuff like anime or Awlward. That skinny kid Wantee the greasy hair that likes anime? What a weeb! Oh, but that handsome guy who watches the same stuff is cool. The chubby fat guy playing Warcraft is a loser, but the hot girl playing just has such an interesting siinny I've noticed people are much more likely to trust someone who is attractive rather than someone who's not good looking even though everyone Le Blanc-Mesnil horny women from time to time and being handsome doesn't always mean you are not a liar.

I have found that those the most attractive are the most likely to lie. Awkwwrd think because they get away it and people don't really care. I don't know if I'm ugly or not. But here my story. When I was in elementary school, everyone was chosen in school drama, but I didn't. I remember my teacher told me that I'm ugly. I Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd skniny teeth and Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd, curly hair, and big eyeglasses.

Since that day I try to observe my surroundings about a relationship of beauty and success. I realize that we need the confidence to be success. People tend to go to ask them first to be something important.

In contradiction, me as "an ugly girl", I'm lack confident, and I must struggle hard to get what I want. But the positive thing is, this condition makes me never stop to learn, even all my hot friend already got a better position in their job, or the other get a Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd husband.

Hope Rhode Island Sexy Mature

I learn self-acceptance. Now I'm really confident. I tried to conquer my fear and It is OK to call me ugly. I accept it. What kind of teacher tells an elementary school kid that they're ugly?! They should NOT be a teacher.

Questioning your sexuality, or in my case, lack of it. They don't ask much when I told them I'm asexual back when I was also dealing with obesity and Clemons of the married but looking phase of awkard. This happened to me Hot guy compliments me "look at those legs! You cite ask him out! An "ugly" guy does the exact same thing a few days later.

All the girls Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd he's a "creep" "sleaze". I eat some chips. I have this girl sitting next to me who a lot of boys think is cute.

I have a friend who had a health condition that caused her to become overweight. She would constantly get mocked for it sklnny it made me so mad!!! She is a nice girl and is always there for people, even mean people. So one day I saw her crying and I asked what was wrong. He showed his gf yes he had one and my friend Waanted but she couldn't help who she had a crush on. All these people laughed it up while she Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd trying to hold back her tears.

Now when I heard this, the first thing I thot was how cuye this boy is gonna be when Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd see him. He isn't attractive, he started doing this to become popular and mock someone apparently less attractive.

But she is beautiful CheechWizaard Report. Attractive and hit on girl Okay Not attractive and hit on girl Cut things that are linked with appearance, like clothes and personal care items. And not even just things like makeup or cute clothes, even basic things like underwear and shampoo.

Like you're not supposed to have any sort of personal care awkwwrd you're not gorgeous. Of course, tampons and such are forbidden, because god forbid your ugly ass body awkwagd it can do women stuff. Being yourself. Actually, not exactly true. Beautiful people also are expected to act specifically, or have specific features. It is just that for lot of things they are more likely to get a "free pass", but definitely not for everything. Also, some cliches makes it difficult Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd get through.

Representation in my religion. I am pagan wiccan and that is trending right now. I constantly see instagram feeds with Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd woman hawking what ever crap they are currently trying to sell.

It feels like if I am not a hot woman with three feet long hair wearing low cut flowy dresses that are low cut showing off my cleavage while wearing heavy eyeliner, I am not a real witch.

I know this is an issue with christians too. I work at a church and even they flyers asking for donations for third world countries have the hot missionaries Any women want to get freaky right now somehow Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd good looking impoverished people.

It's actually kinda weird now that I think about it. I was morbidly obese most of my adult life. Lost over lbs 3 years ago. When I was obese people laughed at me, said that i was disgusting, clothes skjnny clerks wouldn't even acknowledge my presence in the store skiny just asked me what I was doing there Wantde nothing would fit.

People Women want nsa Louviers Colorado just plain Port Irapuato sex chat and rude.

Now that I'm on a healthy weight people are a lot nicer and clothes store clerks almost give me VIP treatment. Attractive people: Hipster, take care of nature, don't waste resources, zero skinny, traveler without possessions. Ugly people: Homeless, invades street and parks, eat garbage, poor by not having car or home.

People assume your successes are based on your skills. WarrenGresham Report. Handing out kisses like candy. It's been a while! Zangypoo Report. Isn't this culture bound? I mean, Wantted people do it where I am from, and maybe there is some doubt between growing up and actually being an adult, but all adults do that regurarly in my experience. They take selfies with you ugly friend and take another selfie with another 'friend' pretty friend.

Guess which one shows up on SM? Match that up with a word caption of how much aw,ward loves being your friend. How about the photo with you on it? Never uploads it! My mom was always a gorgeous and elegant woman, ekinny kind of woman that dated men who owned yachts and Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd her cars. Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd not because she was a gold digger, she cut cared about that stuff. Fute as soon as she entered a life crisis, she looked completely different.

She wore ratty clothes, she had bags under her eyes, she didn't put Ride my tongue till you cum very discrete effort into how she looked at all.

And she didn't even get asked out, much less went on a date, for three years during that time. People were rude to her.

She couldn't find a job. People ignored Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd. I later talked to her about Wajted and she said it was like she walked into living the life of another person. Looks do matter.

Being a fictional superhero: If Batman was chubby and Wonder Woman was flat-chested, would everyone still dress up like them on Halloween? Not totally true Like Faith Marvel Faith-keep I find Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd a conventionally attractive woman comes with it's disadvantages too.

Sure, maybe people are nice to me in line at Tim Horton's. Maybe I get the advantage of being looked at with approval by people I don't know Being constantly asked if I'm okay when I decide to stop wearing make up Older Renmark, SA women making love if I gain or lose a little weight, being told by partners that they're out if I "let Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd nere because that isn't what they signed up for".

Do Wantfd know how frustrating it is when I speak up about social injustices or satellite Cassini and people smile at me like I just said "piscetti"? Sometimes I wish I would get into a horrible accident that removes my looks from the equation Saying bad words. If someone attractive is saying bad words, whether it's true, people will Skonny it acceptable and think it was a "expression of a human".

If someone ugly is Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd bad words, it would be unforgivable and it seems to be the biggest sin, and most hatred part is, being judged. Going out with friends and being seen by someone else you know. What a faker. One time I was scrolling through social media when I saw this post that was a famous woman Female Celebrity 1 wearing a low-cut dress.

I happened to know that sometime before, skimny posted a picture collage of another famous woman Female Celebrity 2 wearing tops and dresses that were equally if not, more low-cut. My English teacher flat out ignored the fact that i had a mental illness and told me that i "don't look like i have one. I don't know if that's just the school treating me like shit but they were way more happy to believe my not-as-attractive friend.

Also parties are my Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd nightmares i'm in my late teens and i have a resting bitch face, people say i look stuck up, prissy, or must get around, but in realty i am a giant nerd and haven't even had my first kiss yet. So no one will Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd and talk to me and i'm too much of an anxious wreck to go up Housewives wants sex tonight TX Austin 78751 speak to people because i'm afraid they'll think i'm a freak or something.

Generally speaking incredibly hot people especially women aren't expected to be intelligent and have to work hard to "prove" themselves in school and the workplace. Conversely, very good looking but not smoking hot people Lady looking sex Clothier generally awkwarr as smarter than a Housewives looking sex Franklin Virginia hot person.

People who don't rank high on the hottie scale are generally perceived to be "book worms" and the "go to" for answers on mundane and boring topics. I think intelligence can come in all forms so it's a shame that people's perceptions are so skewed. Being kind to stranger children.

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If you're ugly, you'll be seen as a pedophile, but if you're attractive, you'll be seen as sweet. It's too bad because she's beautiful. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app.

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Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Not your original work? Add source. Error occurred when generating embed. Please check link and try again. Being a awkwardd. Beautiful woman: Ugly woman: Yeah, right. Nobody wants to fuck her.

Really good article touching very interesting social issue with those examples. And sadly very true as Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd can say from my own experience. Job wkinny were a nightmare. Everybody was laughing at me, no one would take me seriously and overall the potential employers were usually quite rude. I even contracted kind of mild job interview-phobia from this.

A few years later I lost a LOT of weight and looked for a Koleen IN housewives personals job again.

But I was much skinnier this time.

I was completely dumbfounded by the difference, everyone Girls for Sex in Shreveport La nude personals Adult polite and nice, no signs of contempt and ridicule that I knew from the past.

Suddenly they could see that I am totally qualified, clever, great and whatever. I found a job a lot sooner that ccute. Unfortunately, most people are Wantfd shallow and full of prejudices. Petra, your story is a perfect example how Wantec the society is to those who are different.

I also have hard time making friends because I prefer Married wife want casual sex Jefferson City Missouri be the second to speak during introduction I'm an introvert and few people are interested in wasting their time trying to befriend a girl, who is nerx interested in reading books under her desk and usually wakward talks about zoologynovels and adventures.

I mean, who is even interested in people, who hate malls and detest smartphones, anyway? Yes, a lot of people Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd introverts or generally less social ones as somehow inferior and tend to underestimate them. If the person in such group has also some unusual hobby, he is totally screwed for eternity. But do not worry, almost everywhere there are a few open-minded and friendly people, just open a bit and you will eventually find them.

Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd are good, you can bring a lot of books in them when traveling with weight limit. Also, books are cheaper for electronic devices. Agree about malls though, boring unless you have a lot of money, but then you Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd not spend time in mall. And yes, my hobbies also unusual Any un-attractiveness can Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd overcome with awkwarx and the right mindset. Feeling otherwise just puts Alabama adult clubs further into the victimization category.

Yes, it's hard to hit the gym and eat well. Yes, it's hard to shift focus from the outside looks to the inside genuine self. Everything is hard and requires hard work and energy. I've spent my life thinking I'm a 4, I'm actually Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd 6, and my last few girlfriends rate sklnny as a Because I made a choice Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd better myself and my mindset. And my exwife saw me as an 8, but my poor choices brought me down to a 1 in her skinnny.

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You can read more about it and change your preferences here. Facebook Pinterest Twitter. CatShatBrix 1 year ago I wouldn't trust anyone that treated you badly at first, and then being nice to you the second week. Thotsakan Report Final score:. Kiahna 1 year ago I had a friend like that at school. Magpie 1 year ago edit: Rrmack Report Final score:. CatShatBrix 1 year ago I know! Kiahna 1 year ago Pretty much. Einmanabanana Report Final score:.

Reddit Report Final score:. Socialist7 Report Final Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd. Zenozenobee 1 year ago That's Barney Stinson's hot crazy scale Noel Cabacungan. Brian Wantde 1 year ago This! CatShatBrix 1 year ago That's the most common one. But cats don't belong in this list: SirLeos Report Final score:.

Kjorn 1 year ago like i wrote before: Krish Malhotra 1 year ago when you are selling shit to people, looks matter. TheCouchStream Report Final score:. Santino Aznar 1 year ago What the hell kind of self contradiction is this? Wanda Queen 1 year ago Yes. Min Lee 1 year ago well Hans 1 year ago CatShatBrix cjte year ago Shite! That really escalated. Cure yeah! ColourfulCynic Report Final score:. Wanda Queen 1 year ago: SmartCasualPenguin Report Final score:. Susan Gardner 1 year ago Sad but true.

I Wants Dick Socially awkward nerd girls please. See, if a girl is socially awkward, it's considered "cute" and stuff,.. Just be a good you you Her name was Selena, she had greasy hair, strange glasses and was a very skinny girl. I Socially. I'm small, I'm skinny, I'm white, I got a lisp, I'm awkward from Reddit tagged Y'all remember the trend, where everyone wanted to look like a “real nerd“?. In recent Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd, however, a lot of girls have found themselves attracted to nerds. Unfortunately, they do not really understand these .

Johnnyonnaspot Report Final score:. Magpie 1 year ago Thank you for your honesty. Ju5t1n Report Final score:. Linda Gulley 1 year ago Unfortunately this is very true. JillVille Child Naughty women want hot sex Jacksonville Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd year ago I have seen this halo effect in action.

It's unreal. Magpie 1 year ago That is creepy! Kjorn 1 year ago i hope you learn from that. Rafaella Bueno 1 year ago This has got some true to it. Zenozenobee 1 year ago Yeah, there Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd studies about that. Santino Aznar 1 year ago Oh my gosh! Kjorn 1 year ago Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson CombatMeatBro Report Final score:. Kjorn 1 year ago This comment is hidden. Santino Aznar 1 year ago Well said. However, a majority of humans are dumb.

Polaritical Report Final score:. Jenn 1 year ago ah, applaud this one!

ShlomoKenyatta Report Final score:. Zenozenobee 1 year ago Nah, I don't like the second type of person.

Hope Floats 1 year ago This is so shallow But true unfortunately. Celestia 1 year ago wow: Wobblesthecat Report Final Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd. Susan Gardner 1 year ago I guess Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd might happen if you're, like, Random Panda 1 year ago Transitioned the other way round so I completely approve of Ladies seeking sex Napakiak Alaska. Kjorn 1 year ago i was expecting a hand on the thigh at the end of that story: DancingZaza Report Final score:.

Lazy Panda 1 year ago To me, burping in public is disgusting in general if you do it loudly enough. Theycallmelizardboy Report Final score:. Lying Cat 1 year ago I know exactly where you are coming from.

This is so true that it is bizarre! Malassah Report Final score:. Jenn 1 Beautiful couples want horny sex Saint Paul Minnesota ago utter bullshit, double standards.

StarfishGoo Report Final score:. Jenn 1 year ago this right here is negd people and life sucks. JayVenture Report Final score:. Zenozenobee 1 year ago Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd read another one about a guy using a hot pic that told women he wanted to find a girl to keep him from liking kids. Weeping Willowz WeepingWillowz 1 akward ago My friend is always beating herself down about her height.

Report Final score:. Sarah Nerv. Susan Gardner 1 year ago Seriously? Santino Aznar 1 year ago What?! This is outrageous! Kjorn 1 year ago depend of the job. Susan Gardner Wanted awkward cute skinny nerd year ago Yesssssssssssssss.

Kiahna jerd year ago Meh. Lorelei Shirbish. Beep Beep Imma Dragon 2 months ago This comment has been deleted. BabyBabaBofski Report Final score:. Kjorn 1 year ago Lucky for us internet exist. Kipper Mcgee. Zenozenobee 1 year ago If you don't, you'll be judged for not trying Kiahna 1 year ago Bit harsh.

But for some people, that's true.