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When British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed a minister Sick lonely loneliness in January, it made news all over the world. Was a ministry devoted to something as intangible as a feeling seriously a thing?

But it was no laughing matter to the U. The minister position was appointed after the Jo Cox Commission on Lonelinesspublished in late Sick lonely, determined that 9 loely Britons were affected by the condition, and found Sick lonely demographic group to be immune.

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Forty-three percent of year olds, 50 percent of disabled people, and 58 percent of migrants and refugees said loneliness is a challenge in their lives. Indeed, Sick lonely U. lonly

While plenty has been written Sick lonely the isolating effect smartphones have had on our lives in the younger generationespecially Sex with older Newquay women sc, Murthy points out that a number of factors over the last few decades have Sock the groundwork for a more lonely existence: Increasing geographic Sick lonely has meant more people Sick lonely away from friends and family as they get older; The rise in remote work, while beneficial for both companies looking Sick lonely save on their bottom line, and workers seeking flexibility and to ditch that long commute has reduced the number of daily in-person interactions and relationships; And the reliance on email means even people working in open-concept offices can go whole days without actually speaking to anyone.

A study in PLOS Medicine concluded that weak social connections are associated with a reduction in lifespan similar to the effect of Sivk 15 cigarettes a day. And a meta-analysis published by Personality and Sick lonely Psychology Review in the same year concluded loneliness is linked to increased risk of a number of conditions — ones that extend well beyond mental health.

With evidence showing the negative effect loneliness can have on health mounting, some research also backs up the notion that Sick lonely social contact has a positive effect on fighting disease. A study published in February Sick lonely the journal Cancer found that women with strong social connections had a better chance of surviving colorectal cancer. And a study in Experimental Gerontology found older patients with chronic disease did Sick lonely have higher death rates than those without any kind chronic disease, as long as they had high levels of social support.

Some experts caution, however, that no casual link between Sick lonely and any one condition has been established. The connection to a decline in health outcomes was strong enough, however, for Britain to take action.

Minister Tracey Crouch is now tasked with examining and creating policies connected to the condition. Should Canada follow suit?

Ami Rokach, a psychology professor at York University who has studied loneliness for years, says his research shows that to year-olds are affected the most. In a Sick lonely survey of 1, men across Canada, 45 percent Sick lonely respondents aged said they often feel lonely, and reports from the last 5 years also highlight the risk for immigrants and new mothers.

Social isolation must be tackled at all levels of government. But Dr. He has problems with the concept of a ministry, given that loneliness is such a Sick lonely term, and one used to describe an often transient feeling.

As the conversation on how to tackle loneliness continues, Sick lonely English town of Frome may provide some iSck. The town of about 27, people, located kilometres west of London, launched the Compassionate Frome Project in The result has been pretty Sick lonely Over three years, emergency hospital admissions in the surrounding area of Somerset have increased by 29 percent.

In Frome, they are down 17 percent.