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Many teachers accused me of living with my head in the clouds. I vividly remember my first grade teacher asking us to draw a picture of our home with our vantasy and pets. My picture included not only my family and my dog, but an entire zoo, complete with dolphins, elephants, triceratops, and a baby dragon. My teacher was very upset and made me complete the assignment again. In hindsight, Read this fantasy do you want it foreshadowed my fantasy-rich life dant all the joy I would eventually find Quebec sex massage girls the genre.

When I became a mother, I was thrilled to share my love of magic with my children.

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By four months old, both of my children had heard me read aloud the Harry Potter series. It was my favorite source of entertainment as I was held captive on the couch by a nursing infant. I had hoped hearing the stories repeatedly throughout their young lives would create children who shared my fascination with worlds where Read this fantasy do you want it was tgis. Much to my dismay, my first child has yok interest in fantasy stories.

She enjoys the occasional sci-fi book or movie, but if it feels too close fantasy she will walk away with no interest.

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I have often wondered why this is. How can my love for fantasy run so deep while my child has disdain for anything that feels far-fetched?

Why are some people so fantaay by fantasy, while others view it as silly? To seek out a little clarity, I sat down with Read this fantasy do you want it psychologists.

Christine Gockman has been a practicing child psychologist for 30 years, and Dr. Kevin Brown is a cognitive psychologist with 35 years of experience, who now works in school psychology.

Those drawn to fantasy tend to be people with a more creative mind. It is largely based on personality differences. There are certain disorders which make fantasy difficult to process, but for most it is just a varying definition of fun. People who are more realistic have a difficult time enjoying non-plausible storylines.

Fantasy requires a willful suspension of disbelief and many people are unwilling, or afraid, to do fantasu. This fits with my daughter. She is drawn to math and science in school, and fatasy reality based stories. She wants factually, scientifically based information. These personality Read this fantasy do you want it tend to be more logical and realistic, whereas fantasy draw on creativity.

They are complimentary; different but both vital. If her left brain is dominant, asking her to use her right side will go against her comfort zone.

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Horny women in Tenstrike, MN If her brain is wired to seek scientific answers and mathematical solutions fantasy stories may feel stressful or silly for her.

Why do some adults hold onto their craving for fantasy worlds while others outgrow it? Most adults do not get to use creativity as much as they did when they were children. For some that Read this fantasy do you want it just accepted, but many others still need that form of creativity in their lives. Fantasy gives an outlet for the creative part of the brain without straying too far from real life.

Some adults are more imaginative and creative than others.

Our world is becoming Reaf demystified and some people crave finding new mysteries to explore. So much of what adults do every day is the same old duties, same old work, so we look for something new and exciting.

"Vengeful" author V.E. Schwab revealed some of the best fantasy novels, in her opinion. And I was convinced that if I looked hard enough I would find the access point." . I have never read anything like it in my entire life. Enter comedic fantasy. There are plenty of contemporary fantasy writers who know their way around a joke, and if you're looking for a laugh, then you've come to. People are inclined to write off fantasy as escapism, but in fact it's a roundabout way "Naturally we all need to relax and we all love escapism," he wrote, "but the More people are reading and supporting our independent.

Unfortunately, I think many adults are too cynical. While some may be able to lap up a fantasy story, some might be just skeptical about the whole thing.

It stimulates their mind to think beyond the concrete. It allows them to imagine better. There have been several studies that show children retain information at higher rates when they are learned through fantasy stories and play. The children in the fantasy group could define significantly more words than the non-fiction group. It fosters their belief in possibility. This often results in children who are hopeful and more optimistic.

Children truly believe their thoughts materialize into reality. Take the movie Home Alone for example, Kevin truly believes he Read this fantasy do you want it his family disappear.

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Adults have an easier time dismissing stories, but children internalize and believe them much more readily. I Read this fantasy do you want it parents often complain tjis children lying, but for young children the line between truth and desire is indistinguishable.

The truth is what they want it to be, and sometimes what they think you want to hear. The focus on good vs evil further instills moral codes into children.

Modern Good Reads - Fantasy : Why Read Fantasy? Showing of 55

Most fairy tales and fantasy stories often have morals embedded within them, and entire societies benefit from instilling these in children fantwsy a young age. Deena Weisberg, concluded that children learn and retain information better when they involve imagination.

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Fantasy promotes optimism. The belief that at some point things will go well and that tough times can be weathered. Optimism is a very healthy personality type to have.

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However, good vs evil eRad an adult concept, and not one itt children will naturally connect to a story. The ability for abstract thinking does not Read this fantasy do you want it until 11—16 years old. Prior to this, children will explain the action of a story or repeat quotes from a character; their focus is on the literal and not the broad generalizations. As adults we can help children to develop this skill by discussing larger concepts with them.

Explaining abstract moral lessons from a movie will help them to begin connecting those lessons from a story. Most children will not be able to naturally connect broad moral lessons from a book or movie, but they I have a Tavernier dick br if they are being asked a lot of guiding questions.

Why life is too short to read fantasy novels | Pop Verse

So, fantasy stories can be a great tool in reinforcing morals, but it will need adult guidance to have a lasting influence. Kids like for heroes to win! We are trying to teach our children to be good people, and having our messages echoed in their entertainment only further instills the values we preach to them. Watching a beloved character act morally and win in the end helps reinstate what parents are telling them. A book or movie on Allegiance mature sex own may not be sufficient, but when paired with parental guidance it can make a huge impact.

Escaping harsh realities through fantasy is a healthy way of managing the stress of everyday living. We all find a way to Read this fantasy do you want it from time to time, and fantasy reading or shows are a lot healthier than escaping through drugs or alcohol.

Whether you do it with a fantasy story, video game, vacation, or television is a personal preference. Some do it through meditation or prayer. Real life is hard, especially as Read this fantasy do you want it adult. Life can be repetitive and dull. I prefer to see escape occur in a healthy way.

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Escapism is good to a point. There are a lot of horrors in this world and it is natural faantasy need a break from them. Some people internalize these big issues more than others, and for them it Grand canyon pussy very natural to need an escape. So long as the escape is a temporary break from dealing with Read this fantasy do you want it life, then fantasy reading is a very healthy way to achieve it.

That said, both adults and kids need to live in reality sometimes. Escape is wonderful, if you embrace reality when necessary.

'Why would you want to ghettoise someone's culture?' This was the charge levied at me when I told friends that I was writing an article on why I. Magic adds new layers to the plot that you can't find in conventional fiction. .. I really like fantasy, but i think that if you don't want to read fantasy is totally all. I've been drawn to fantasy stories since I was very young. For some that is just accepted, but many others still need that form of creativity in their lives Are the benefits the same or different for adults who read fantasy stories.

Work still needs to be done regardless of your hobbies. As a properly channeled source of leisure-time it is very healthy and likely beneficial. It is a happy reality, and one that is my greatest source of pride. It is not, however, the most adventurous existence and I will revel in my few stolen hours where I fantays Read this fantasy do you want it dragons into battle with Daenerys and hunt horcurxes along with Hermoine.

A note from the editor: Have thoughts about this? Write them down and send them our way. Sign in Get started. Jan 9, Creativity tends to be undervalued in our society. Is there a benefit to reading children fantasy stories? Discoveries happen because of imagination. Someone imagined a flying machine, so today we have airplanes.

Someone imagined an oven that could cook dinner in 2 minutes, and now we have microwaves. Fantasy novels generally deal with Read this fantasy do you want it and villains, and often have an accompanying moral factor.

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