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Open minded amle looking for open minded woman! I Am Look Real Dating

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Open minded amle looking for open minded woman!

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Thank you! Plentyoffish dating forums vor a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Butterchickenchuck Joined: On a man's profile it could only mean one thing: Who knows??

Look it up at your own risk. Kind of gross In a nutshell it's a brown 'mustache'. Loking it could mean, "I was cast out of my parents' church for what I am, now I avoid all closed minded people".

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Or it could be, as others said, code phrase. ThroatLozenge Joined: Women are more prone to using phrases such as sort of and disclaimers such as Alme not sure. BeckyHT Joined: In my interactions, I know for a fact that I've always been much more open minded. I listen, I don't reject I reflect, and when I observe that I've encountered better evidence or justification, I may very well change my mind. I love learning new things. I certainly don't Open minded amle looking for open minded woman! like I did 30 years ago.

I find way too many men are too set in their ways, they have their minds made up, they don't have the courtesy to simply listen to other's comments, even for just short periods of time. Men, perhaps you can explain this?

I really don't understand how close minded most of you are. I actually agree with you.

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I find women more open minded in general. Then again, I don't always Open minded amle looking for open minded woman! open mindedness as a good thing.

I don't need to try out things that I'm pretty sure I would not like. Maybe in the bedroom, but for example in politics I don't need to hear the umpteenth version of something I don't think it works, even if phrased differently.

I will think about what I hear, but chances are it is not as new and effective as they think it would be.

Most things that work well have been thought of before with the exception of new technologies. And even there - to this day I don't see anything looklng coming from Facebook.

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I have adapted to more openness due to a woman in my life and I embrace a few of those changes. Overall I'm fairly set though.

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Even another sexual revolution will not Naughty girls Franklin how I feel about monogamy, so open and poly is off the table. Close minded? Perhaps, but it works for me. It is amusing to me you don't see that women are just as set in their ways as men.

Its how you perceive what is going on around you. How tolerant and non-judgmental.

Open minded amle looking for open minded woman! I Am Search Sex Dating

How "open" to new ideas and situations without automatically rejecting that which does not meet your preconceived mindset. How unbiased and unprejudiced you are.

But most important. There are many shades of black and gray. | For Open Relationships

But of course many men are just as closed minded as women. For example, Dee's insistence that gays are mentally ill.

But than you have Flaman's posting history forever being obsessed with "sluts". FullMoonGuy Joined: No "open-mindedness" on height and age?

Show ALL Forums. Home login. On a woman's profile it could mean any number of things. I would like to think it means, "i'm not society's definition of hot, please give me a chance to grow on you".

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You should really get to know Urban Dictionary. A woman that's open to being the primary bread winner.

What has been everyone's experiences with others Your opinion here itself contradicts itself. You claim to be open-minded ,inded "way too many men are too set in their ways". In fact, I am willing to bet, that by middle age, many more women are closed minded than men. Men are less likely to prejudge in my experience there are exceptions like Flaman of coursemore open to considering facts before drawing conclusions.

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Just look at this board over the last year. You have had roaming gangs of women going around terminating the profiles of people they did Opfn agree with, accusing people of being trolls, because they refuse to accept others may see things differently than do they and they move to quash free thought and free expression of opinion.

Just sayin. I don't see that.

Being Open-Minded – Code Like A Girl

But then again, I haven't dated dudes. Well, she's relating to experiences though. I agree that women are just as set in their ways as men. I think in some ways men tend to be more, and womxn!

to be less.

men want an "open minded" woman Free Dating, Singles and Personals

For example, when it comes to Dating Situations, it's pretty clear that guys are more open-minded than gals. I find poen amusing, in a SMH way, when I come across a profile, and there have been several, where a woman states that she is "open-minded" because she dates all races, then FMF in Houston that up with "must be at least 6 feet tall" AND "must be between X age and Y age".

Being open-minded about 1 single item does not make one an "open-minded"person, period. It's not so open-minded to say they'll date someone of any race -- as there's technically always someone Hot of any race just fewer and further between for someand someone who's got a matching personality of any race, too. Not auto-ruling-out certain races doesn't put too much stock in open-mindedness.

Guys are going to naturally Open minded amle looking for open minded woman! more open-minded when it comes to potential dating situations.

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We're the chasers, and we adjust to accomodate to make things work. Gals get approached by a lot of guys and are in a different boat, and they hold up the Yay or Nay signs.