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And there is a long history of men getting to positions of power by leveraging their connections. When women seek a mentor, the study says, they tend to look for someone they want to be friends with rather than someone they eomen learn from.

The best mentors will push, dare, and confront mentees, and challenge them to take on projects they thqt otherwise avoid. Men, on the hand, look to form alliances.

Yet women are leery of capitalizing on social ties and tend to overemphasize the moral aspects of networking, the study finds. Yet, women are less likely to be hired into manager-level jobs and they are far less likely to be promoted into them.

This lack of interaction with senior leadership is even more pronounced for Hispanic and black women, making it even more essential for women to be proactive in building and using their network, she adds. Be careful not to confuse friendship and mentorship when you are networking.

Be deliberate in creating that network by mapping out which person you would ask for career advice, for sponsorship, for a sounding board and to challenge you.

There are a range of roles you want to have in a network to make it robust.

Instead focus on sharing your career aspirations by talking about what you are doing at work and what you hope to accomplish. The majority of leadership positions are still held by men and they continue to be the gatekeepers for most stretch assignments and promotions.

Womwn male colleagues are more likely to socialize with their Coronado looking a friend outside of work, and this creates a camaraderie that can lead Looking 4 any women that need company opportunity.

Even in a post- MeToo world, women need to find ways to build connections with male managers that feel comfortable, Krivkovich says. That might mean meeting for breakfast or coffee instead of dinner, she says. Just be sure to offer to return the favor.

For instance, she says, in every conversation with a senior leader, mention something praiseworthy about a colleague. Unlike men, women often get social pushback when they promote themselves, Thomas says. By Lisa Rabasca Roepe 5 minute Read.

Think of networking as a strategic tool Be careful not to confuse friendship and mentorship when you are networking. Work Life.