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House wife type Seeking Sex Date

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House wife type

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It's a hard House wife type g to find in st. I'm really good at giving advice. You want to feel kept and owned, to be told what to do, how to do it, and how to dress.

Age: 50
Relationship Status: Never Married
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City: Oldham
Hair: Brown
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Do you love to work around the house? How is your living House wife type at home? I can but it's not as organized as I'd like I clean well.

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You prefer to be out there, maybe with a career. You like running around the house but you easily House wife type stir crazy and need to get away. You love to things around the home but you like to House wife type out as well.

You love doing things around the house and couldn't imagine not being a housewife.

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Share This. Making the bed.

I don't mind any of them. Yes, I like cooking everything.

Not really but I will cook. No I don't like it.

Basically anything. Pies and cookies and all types of sweets. Almost anything if I have a cookbook. Cereal and soup. When you're married if not alreadywhat kind of job would you House wife type to have?

I wouldn't want to work House wife type marriage. Work from home. Oh a normal job like a waitress at full time. Maybe only a part time job. I can but it's not as organized as I'd like. I clean well. My living space is miraculous. I can wiff pretty well. I'm not very good at cleaning.

I almost never clean. Of course. Not really. Not at all.

Yes I would love some. Maybe but I'm unsure.

No I don't. I already own a lot. Maybe just a cat.

Maybe a fish or hamster. Drawing, photography, lots of artsy stuff.

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Knitting, sewing, scrapbooks, etc. Watching tv. An apartment in the city. A sprawling mansion.

A nice beach home. A nice little home in a suburb. I'm not sure.

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You aren't really a housewife and that's fine by you. You are a bit of a housewife.

You are a half of a house wife. You are someone who likes being a housewife, it's something you enjoy quite a bit.

House wife type

Being a housewife is something that you absolutely love. What Do You Think? More Quizzes?