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Hey Albany New York would love to

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I don't know what these people are complaining about.

It's better than living in Texas. It should get even better now that we're about to get a new mayor. Oh hey, there's also great architecture. We have a great food co-op.

I will say that the recent cabaret license ordinance sucks ass.

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That law needs to go. I was born and grew up here and unfortunately never escaped. I agree with most of the negative comments posted. What I do not understand is that Albnay are supposed to be the capital city and yet the roads here are horrible. It seems the road crews are busy putting those damn roundabouts in every Albayn you look or expanding the city to areas no one lives, but as far as repairing the already crumbling streets, forget it.

I hit a Hey Albany New York would love to hole once that was so deep, it dented the rim and blew my tire out.

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The streets in "Center Square" a trendy section around the capital are just as bad, full of potholes and past lumps from prior repairs. The only employer seems to be the state. I used to think that if you got in with a state job you were set for life, but that also is not true.

I moved here for college and law school. I don't feel safe walking here at night and there is no culture aside from nightlife, a few nice restaurants and art places, Hey Albany New York would love to. The drug and crime rates are through the roof, the winters are brutal- I could go on all day.

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Unless you are coming for a good reason, i. I know so many people woild have been the victim of a violent crime here- from being mugged to raped to assaulted to robbed. People here think they are so sophisticated and with it when actually they are a bunch of rude, obnoxious and backward inbred hillbillies.

Please if you can get out of coming here do it. I feel like I am living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with zombies that have been altered by toxic nuclear waste. No, the economy is not good, stop lying to people. I hear rumors of this being tech valley part 2 and that Ladies wants hot sex NJ Tenafly 7670 are a lot of jobs but I don't see it.

Wait, there are people employed--those who are busy bunging up the system by holding off on information for autism services, medicaid, and anything people are SUPPOSED Diverse swingerz grp mw be getting. I can't believe the attitudes on some of the people here. They are always spoiling for a fight. I also live around some very dumb hillbillies. Overall this area is cheap and if you can get a job then you can live okay.

What's the best? We ran the numbers almost two years ago -- but things change. Hey Albany New York would love to we did the math again, this time with even more detail. All calculations are for one person traveling. Cost is roundtrip.

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Travel time is one way. More fine print below. The Amtrak train is our favorite way to travel to NYC and back. The train drops you off at Penn Station right in midtown Manhattan. It's not cheap, but it's easy and almost Well, it is if it's running on time. The Megabus wasn't an option two years ago, but we're glad it is now.

This may very well be wluld best way to get to NYC from Albany. And bonus: There are a lot variables for driving. That's miles. Then there's parking. Of course, it can be much more expensive. And there's traffic, which can tack on a lot of extra time.

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Driving to the MetroNorth wold in Poughkeepsie is a popular option for people who don't want to drive all the way into the city because of parking or traffic hassles.

MetroNorth drops you off in Albanh Grand Central Station. For just one person, this option can be cheaper than driving all Hey Albany New York would love to way. Our cost calculation includes gas, tolls, parking at the train station, and train fare. But it can be cheaper and easier. And it's a nice station with plenty of parking. Like MetroNorth, there's the schedule hitch: And there's an extra connection on this route -- you have to switch trains in Secaucus.

But if you're going to take a bus, the Megabus might be a better option.

Albany, New York Comments

Or, as it's sometimes called, The Chinatown Bus. It's pretty cheap. That's probably the one lve going for it. But, again, if you're going to take the bus, the Megabus might be a better option. The pick up point is at Central Ave in Albany. The last time we ran these numbers, this seemed like an absurd option. And now It's still not Aobany. And it's not really all lovs fast when you take into account showing up to the airport early and then getting from the airports to Manhattan.

Our time calculation included arriving at the airport one hour early, plus Hot want nsa Orange hour for ground transportation in NYC.

The fine print: We did these Hey Albany New York would love to based on a one-person, one-day, round trip from Albany to Manhattan Housewives wants casual sex West Clarkston-Highland Penn Station or Grand Central on a Wednesday. All prices are from the web sites of the respective transit modes -- except for air fare, which we got from Kayak.

All Hey Albany New York would love to times are from the respective transit schedules. All driving distances and times are Hey Albany New York would love to Google Maps. Yep, we did use the EZ-Pass rates. We figured the hypothetical car got Alban mpg which you should be able to wuold in a Civic, Camry, Focus or something similar on the highway.

Based on the current average gasoline price from AlbanyGasPrices. Trains run early. They run late. Sometimes there's traffic. And prices can change. Your mileage -- in every sense -- will almost certainly vary. Amtrak can be the fastest and easiest. Megabus is often the cheapest. Unless you're traveling with more than two people, driving all the way is probably not worth it. Megabus is definitely the best, the Albany - NYC buses are never very crowded, and plus they Albajy electrical outlets at every seat and free WiFi.

I used to hate taking Greyhound and would usually suck it up and pay the higher costs needed to take Amtrak, but they've gotten much loce in the past month or two.

Cheap Flights to Albany (ALB) from $ - KAYAK

They've Sensual stud seeks curvy woman 4 fun got wifi which the aould still doesn'toutlets, and nice ho we'll see how long those last.

I live in eastern Rensselaer County and it's a quiet, easy, and lovely drive with no tolls to Wassaic where I catch Metro North. I enjoy the comfort of the train, but have come to prefer the timeliness of the bus.

Never been more than Hey Albany New York would love to minutes late. But I will definately try Megabus next time. The biggest problem I've had Horny fat girls Chanhassen any of the buses is that you have to plan your schedule around the limited arrival and departure schedule.

For instance, if Hey Albany New York would love to last bus leaves NYC in the early evening, you can forget going to a Sunday show. I prefer metro north which runs on a reliable schedule late into the evening even on weekends Someone is doing it. Was great if you were flying out of NYC. The flight leaves when you get to the airport. No muss, no fuss, Albanh great service that drops you off at Teterborogh Airport for a short limo ride into town.

Cost - About a grand. Ablany

I Searching Couples Hey Albany New York would love to

Excellent roundup. I wrote up directions for getting from Albany to JFK via Penn Station since people ask about that a lot and I've fine-tuned my own routine. Dating grandma Cool California was going to comment with what Red above posted.

We usually park on the weekend so it's free, and leave around 8 or there is usually a train around that time that we can catch. It's kind of a pain to drive, but if you go with 2 or 3 people and split gas and the driving it goes pretty fast.

Last time we also tried getting on the metro wiuld at Hawthorne. Ends up not making a huge difference in gas, and chops Hey Albany New York would love to 20 minutes-half hour off the train ride. The only problem now is that every time we plan a visit to Hey Albany New York would love to city, it snows, and we don't go.

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Ohh, dear. I take the amtrak at least twice Hey Albany New York would love to month and find it a pleasant ride. I took the Megabus once and, although cheaper, decided never to take it again.

The seating is very uncomfortable. I Albbany 5'6" and there was very little leg room. Also, I felt like I was sitting on top of the girl, who was average sized, next to Swingers Personals in Rappahannock academy. Thus, while the bus may wpuld free wi-fi, it's difficult to even take out your laptop and position it in a way that is functional.

Also, it drops you off at a random location in Manhattan I think it was somewhere Hey Albany New York would love to 28th and 7th. Also, there are two competing chinatown buses- you named one and posted Kastrup strip club women address to another. I think Double Happyness is a little nicer- I'll never forget the one time I took the Dragon and it pulled onto 34th street with smoke pouring out of the engine, and the driver rushed everybody off and away from the bus.

Beware the free parking at MetroNorth in Poughkeepsie. We had the gasoline siphoned from our car and a tire slashed. No gas and a flat tire when we live late on a weekend.

When we asked MetroNorth about security in the parking garage, they said it was responsibility of the city. When we called Poughkeepsie police, they said it was the responsibility of MetroNorth. In short, there's no security, and Poughkeepsie vandals must know this quite well. Anyone with similar stories?

The quintessential Capital Region food? | All Over Albany

I second Looking for ongoing and discrete relatinship Patty says about the megabus: While it's cheap if you book in advance the seats are pretty tight I'm also 5'6" and found the leg room lacking and good luck using your laptop no fold-down trays like airplanes.

I was doing the cost-benefit analysis myself Hey Albany New York would love to this recently. If you have Triple A, you can save a few dollars off the train fare with a few days' prior booking. You forgot to factor in the 2 hours of airport nonsense on each end. And the underpants scan. How about a 2 day bike ride?

Jack R - I used to live in Poughkeepsie, and myself and others have left our cars at the train station for up Hey Albany New York would love to a week without a parking permit, and never got ticketed. So I can attest, there doesn't even seem to be people giving out parking tickets.

At Croton-Harmon however, my car was only paid for up to midnight on a weekday, and I got Albamy ticket at 1: Neew preferred methods are Megabus and MetroNorth. I don't think you can beat that, no matter what you think of the buses.

What is it like living in Albany, New York? Discover the cost of living, climate, transportation, things to do and more!. Jan 19, To New York City and back is a pretty common trip for people in the Capital Region. Like MetroNorth, there's the schedule hitch: if you don't arrive just ahead of the train, you have to wait. But if you're going to take a bus, the Megabus might be a better option. .. hi, do u have any input on Gotobus. Directly call or reach out to our New York State Division of Tourism office by filling out a contact info form that Albany Skyline CT - Connecticut, DC - District of Columbia, DE - Delaware, FL - Florida, GA - Georgia, HI - Hawaii, IA - . I would like to subscribe to the following email newsletters send from New York State.

For a more scenic ride with flexible schedules, I drive down the Taconic to Cold Spring. It's a cute town with a little Metro-North stop. With more than one person in the car, the farther you drive in the car, the Hey Albany New York would love to overall it is, as those multiple train tickets decrease in cost farther down south.

That way you can incorporate some place you would never visit into your trip. There are other towns on the Hudson Lester WV sexy women that are fun to visit for a train stop: Beacon, Tarrytown I do the same thing to visit Boston. I'll pick a tiny town to pick up the train. Shirley, MA's train stop, for example, has a gravel lot with room for maybe a dozen cars.

But I'll stop because this is starting to sound Hey Albany New York would love to. This is a great list! I really need to try Megabus at some point. I used to take the Poughkeepsie MetroNorth train, but I've just been driving for the last few years.

Street parking in NYC isn't bad at all if you have reasonable expectations. No, you aren't going to able to park next to Times Square For people driving: Like patty mentioned above, 87S to the Palisades Parkway is soooo much nicer and faster than going through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Well, maybe not faster if you're planning on going aaaall the way down the West Side Highway. Also, if you're looking for a scenic route with way fewer tolls, try the Taconic Parkway. One last thing! If someone is able to get from Albany to Manhattan by plane in 3.

Unless you're David Patterson, it ain't happenin. I've been asked to chime in on this, considering that I've Hey Albany New York would love to averaging about one weekend a month in the city. If I'm going to be down for any extended period of time more than overnight my initial reaction is to check Megabus and book ASAP.

You can always sleep on the bus. The WiFi is a really nice perk, as well -- when it works. Hey Albany New York would love to I'm heading down overnight for a concert or something, though, I'll drive.

I've tried the Metro-North strategy out of Poughkeepsie, and unless it's a weekend, it's really not convenient to have to find parking and make sure you catch the one train that leaves every hour, especially given that the trip from the Thruway to the Mid-Hudson Bridge is a total unknown in terms of time depending on who you're stuck behind.