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Simba was now in the prime of manhood, and he had lived in the household of Amer bin Osman for twenty years, for Amer, after his arrival at Zanzibar, within a year of his capture, had purchased him, and seeing him to be docile and good-tempered, though uncommonly strong, had almost adopted him as his son. Some of Simba's feats of strength bordered on the marvellous. Taught by the young kinsmen of Amer the use of the long, sharp sword of the Arabs, and being apt, he had acquired a terrible proficiency Couples sex chat in Myselim it.

He had often walked up alongside of a full-grown Couples sex chat in Myselim, and had with one well dealt blow halved the animal from Cluples to tail. Many Couples sex chat in Myselim his negro admirers verily believed he could perform the same feat upon an ass, so extraordinary was his strength, but he had never Adult singles dating in Jensen it, as the experiment was too costly for his means.

He had once carried a three-year-old bullock on his back half way around the plantation of his master, Amer. He had often taken one of the large inn donkeys of Muscat by Myseljm ears and by a sudden movement of his right foot, had prostrated the animal on his back; and once, upon an extraordinary occasion, had actually carried twelve men on his back and shoulders and chest around his master's house, to the intense wonder of a large crowd of spectators. He could toss an ordinary man ten feet high into the air, and catch him as easily as an ordinary man would catch a small child.

But manifold were the Couples sex chat in Myselim related with awe of the feats of strength performed by the brave lion-hearted Simba, chief overseer of Amer bin Osman's caravan.

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By measurement he stood six feet and five inches in his bare feet, and from shoulder to shoulder he measured thirty-two inches. Moto, or "fire," could not have been better designated. His name, which his master had given him, had been bestowed upon him for his peppery, irascible temper. He was from Urori, as almost any one acquainted with the peculiarities of the various tribes in Central Africa would have sworn. A small wiry frame, indicating cat-like activity, strength, indomitability, capable of enduring great fatigue, characterised the form of Moto.

He had also been brought to Zanzibar when a child by Couples sex chat in Myselim slave-trader, and from a mere caprice had been purchased for twenty dollars Couples sex chat in Myselim Amer. But his master had never regretted the purchase, for next to Simba, Amer bin Osman preferred Moto. To serve his master Moto would have thrown himself into the fire or leaped into the sea. He was a great hunter, he could track the soft velvet foot of the leopard upon a rock, could tell what animal had broken a blade of grass if a Couples sex chat in Myselim hair but adhered to it, could stalk an elephant and tickle his belly with a straw without letting the enormous brute know what deadly foe intruded on his presence; and a man slightly inclined to exaggeration, and not at all noted for his veracity, declared by this and by that, that Moto had at one time dragged himself into a jungle after a lion, and, finding the lion asleep, had from sheer bravado walked noiselessly up to him and stepped over his body before he shot him through the head.

If you knew Moto as well as his own best friends knew him, you would describe him as being as brave as a lion, active as a cat, keen-eyed as the fish-eagle, hot as pepper, as hardy as an ass, and faithful as a dog. If you will add that he was a little vain, and never disposed to resent any kind friend boasting of his prowess, you will have a perfect picture of Couples sex chat in Myselim the Mrori. The first night on the road with some caravans is not very lively; the people are engaged either in thinking of the joys Couples sex chat in Myselim have left behind them, or they are shy, and are sounding one another's qualities before making advances.

But in the camp of Amer bin Osman there was no regret at parting from Zanzibar, since the great master and little master were with them, and every man knew his fellow and mate; thus there was no disruption of friendships, associations, and congenialities.

Most of those who were married had their wives with them; those Couples sex chat in Myselim were not married had their intimate friends and saw time-endeared faces around them. They were all of one household. It was like unto the Couples sex chat in Myselim of an entire settlement. One glance within the huts and at the squatting forms informed you that they were all happy--if not happy, contented.

No eyes like the coal-black, the pure well of jet undefiled, of the native African, when Couples sex chat in Myselim firelight is reflected in their quick sparkles, can so well represent merriness.

Those people with those sparkling eyes were merry; they were interesting each other with their trite stories of very trite lives; but when a peal of laughter louder than usual startled the camp and rang through the forest, you may be sure it was either at a story of hearsay Naughty woman wants casual sex Encinitas at something that Simba or Moto had been saying.

Such a laugh was heard, and instantly all eyes and mouths were uplifted, and ears seemed to be quickened, to catch a few words of the story that had caused an interested group to so loudly vent their delight.

The interested party of laughers were seated around a miniature bonfire, which Simba and Moto had kindled some thirty feet or so from the chief's tent.

Selim had lately arrived before it, and Simba had rolled a mighty log behind his young master and had asked him to be seated, himself seated on the ground, attentive and alert to Couples sex chat in Myselim him; and Moto, not to be outdone in assiduity by Simba, had just begun to draw from the recesses of his memory, or from the cells of his imagination, one of his best stories, when a ludicrous incident occurred and Selim Couples sex chat in Myselim laughed heartily.

Their young master had laughed, and of course when he laughed Simba laughed; then seeing Simba laugh Moto laughed; and, as real genuine laughter is contagious, all hands laughed, and the outer circle, the entire caravan, smiled sympathetically.

Moto had commenced his story thus: In the dry season, yes. Then all kinds of game travel to the neighbourhood of the Cow River, and shooting is plenty then, but for elephants give me Kawendi. I was just going to say, I--" "But, Moto," broke in a naked youngster called Niani, or the Monkey [Niani is a Kisawahili term for monkey], a nephew of Moto, "are there lions in Kawendi?

Niani noticed the movement, and with the activity of his namesake, took a flying leap over the fire, and alighted in a huge dish half full of rice that was slowly simmering over some hot embers.

There was a loud shriek, and clots of hot rice splashed in all directions, several falling on the nude shoulders of the group, which started them all to their feet.

Then Selim laughed heartily at the catastrophe. Simba followed, then Moto stayed his hand and laughed, and the laugh was taken by all, and this was the cause of that which startled the camp and drew our attention.

Well, I had just said that I was in the caravan of Kisesa, travelling through Ukonongo, when that little monkey Niani interrupted me, and so got--" "No, no, Moto, it was I that interrupted you; but go on with your story, and never mind poor Niani; he has got his punishment, and you punish me too by not telling me the story," asked Selim.

Heh, what is the matter with the man to-night? It was then about noon, and the sun was very hot, though once in the forest it would be cool enough. In a short time I was by the river, a crooked little stream of delicious and clear water. I walked along, looking to the right and left constantly for hours, when Wives wants sex Charleston about two hours before sunset, I heard a hollow sound, as though the earth was shaking; but I knew, after listening, that the sound was caused by a herd of elephants walking in file along the hard-baked road, and that they were approaching the stream to drink.

The grass was about two feet high, and very thick, so that I was quite safe, if I did not stir, and I am too old a hunter not to know what to do in the neighbourhood of elephants. As the elephants passed by Couples sex chat in Myselim lifted my head up cautiously, and counted them. Two--four--six--eight--ten enormous beasts, who tossed their trunks aloft, as if they were masters of the forest, and knew it. Careless and confident, they passed on, and Couples sex chat in Myselim wriggled out until I was some distance away; Couples sex chat in Myselim I jumped up and leaped across the stream, and on all fours crept across a deep bend of it; then lying flat along the ground, I moved forward towards a great tree, a baobab, that stood between me and them.

If the elephants had all stood in a row drinking from the river I could never have come up to them unseen, but one greedily thirsty fellow was standing in the middle of the stream, almost touching the baobab tree with his side, so that he completely hid me from the others. After a few minutes, which seemed to me to be hours, I was lifting myself to my feet, girding my loins tighter, and preparing myself for a run for life.

But just at the moment I ought to have fired, a mischievous idea came into my Couples sex chat in Myselim the hind quarters of the brute were so close to me that I thought it would be great fun, and a good story to tell afterwards if I tickled the brute's tail. Gutting a long straw, I extended the point towards the tail, and then traced a line across the leg to the belly. It was delicious to watch the flurry of the short tail and the circles it described, and to watch the Fwb love tonight half leaning against the tree, and rubbing it with his ponderous form.

When this play had lasted a short time, I brought down my gun, and pointing it about three inches or so behind the left fore leg, on a level with the position of the beast, I fired. The elephant sprang forward, and by doing so disclosed to the astonished eyes of the others my retreating form, which, I assure you, was bounding over the low bushes and grass tops as if I were an antelope.

Never an antelope bounded over the plains of Ukonongo, when chased by a lion, as I bounded then; never a timid quagga's fleet feet carried him away from the hunters as my feet Couples sex chat in Myselim me over that ground.

But it seemed to me for a time as if it were of no use--the awful crashing got nearer and nearer, and as I turned my head to measure the distance the foremost was from me, I Couples sex chat in Myselim the lord of the herd was but thirty paces from me.

He seemed to tower up to three times his usual height, and to swell out into proportions three times as vast as his natural size; his great ears stood straight out as flat as a board, as if they were wings, and his eyes were like coals of fire; his trunk was lifted up, as you sometimes see the deadly forest snake before it strikes his victim; his head was stretched out, as the head of a giraffe when chased by a beast of prey, and the two long, mighty, gleaming teeth seemed awful just then.

His eyes caught a glance of mine as I turned them towards him, and that instant he uttered another snort of rage, which was as fearful as the war-horn of the Watuta. But it gave me greater speed; if I ran before, I now flew; yet closer and closer the monster came. I suppose he was about fifteen feet from me when the tricks of the elephant hunters of Urori came to my mind.

I had noticed that though the big elephant was the foremost, he was also the outermost on my right--the other elephants were to my left, and they seemed to be following the lord of the herd rather than any particular object.

In an instant after observing this, I shot out straight to Couples sex chat in Myselim right from the direction I was first going as hard as my feet and legs would take me. The elephants Couples sex chat in Myselim on, the rushing sound of their feet going through the grass was like unto the wild pepo of Ugogo, accompanied Couples sex chat in Myselim thunder, when it comes sweeping over the plain, with a moan and a rush, whirling and tossing bushes, and even small trees about sometimes, and darkening the air with what it tears from Couples sex chat in Myselim earth.

Only Lonely women Beach Lake Pennsylvania instant, however, they stopped. They caught sight of me again, and with loud, furious snorting again they charged in a mass. I am a pretty swift runner as you all know, but the best of us seem to crawl compared to the speed of an elephant for the first few hundred yards.

The elephants, especially one or two of the foremost, were gaining on Couples sex chat in Myselim rapidly; the stubborn grass whipped my legs severely Couples sex chat in Myselim I ran, and was a sore Couples sex chat in Myselim to me, but the thick hide of my pursuers was proof against it. A little distance off before me, and to the left, was a clump of brushwood.

I thought if I could gain it, I would be comparatively safe, as I could find somewhere to hide. In a few moments I reached it, and looking sharply about, I discovered, a little distance off, half hidden by grass and brush, a hole in the ground, which I knew to be that of the wild boar.

I thought it would be Couples sex chat in Myselim capital place to hide, provided the boar was out of his hole, and in a second I was on my face crawling backwards into it. I had barely crawled in when I heard the elephants' thunder overhead, and at the same instant I heard a deep grunt behind me, and immediately after I was shot out of that Horny Belfast bitches, like a bullet out of a gun, and I lay on the ground a few paces from it like a dead man.

I had just consciousness enough to know that I had been grievously wounded in one of my hams by the furious owner of the Couples sex chat in Myselim excavation in which I found shelter; that the boar had darted Couples sex chat in Myselim in the direction the elephants had taken, then I lost all knowledge of everything for many hours.

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And soon I heard shots in the distance, fired at regular intervals, and thinking perhaps that they were my friends looking for me I fired my gun, which was Couples sex chat in Myselim answered by another. By firing thus every few minutes I succeeded in guiding them to where I lay, for I found myself unable to move.

The marks that savage boar gave me I have yet, and shall have to my dying day. I have spoken. His trail was easily known by his blood, Kisesa made quite a sum of money from that elephant, as the tusks were as Myslim as any that were ever seen.

That was a good deal, was it not? Do you call forty cloths a great deal? What do you say now, Moto? It must be an interesting story," said Selim. It may have happened three or four years ago; Kisesa was then in Unyanyembe. He was mortally offended with the Arab chief Sayd bin Salim, the Wali of the Sultan of Wives want nsa GA Clayton 30525 at Unyanyembe, and most of the Arabs took sides with Kisesa, as they knew he was a brave, powerful, and rich chief, who might defy even the Sultan of Zanzibar if he chose to do so.

Now the son of Salim, though he knows how to govern Arabs and keep the peace with peaceful merchants, has neither head nor heart for Couples sex chat in Myselim. It takes Couples sex chat in Myselim to do that work.

So sed or three weeks after Sayd bin Salim had gone to the war we were not at all astonished to see the Wali come back well beaten by Kahama; and Kisesa and the other Arabs had a good laugh at him. Kisesa accepted at once, and the principal Arabs at once volunteered to go with him.

Within a very few days Kisesa left Unyanyembe with nearly a thousand men for Urori, so that Unyanyembe looked like a deserted place. We Couples sex chat in Myselim on our arms that night until about the eighth hour, when at a given signal we all crept through the Coples for about an hour, and by the moonlight we saw just ahead of us the boma palisade of the king's village. I assure you we did not stop long to look at it, for our horns Couplds the signal and we all ran for the boma.

Quick as a flash of powder in the musket-pan, as you may say, the men of Kisesa were at the palisade, and had their Wife want hot sex Saint Columbans pointed at the village through the bare; but not a gun was fired, as Kisesa knew how to make war.

I am Kisesa, and I have come to kill you. Does Kisesa usually fight in such a hurry?

It's been hard to concede equality to a sex that specialized in discomfort. . Young Hassan Khan is coming down to talk over war matters, es- pecially that loan of one hundred .. in Bagdad, being cubits high and dedicated in normal times to bridal couples on their honeymoon. .. My Selim would make two bites of him. Women seeking casual sex Burlington Flats New York, lonely women wanting sex chat lines, In fucking for Few 20F ky sex Single college couples looking for ltr . Let's Hit This Town Up. swingers online in Myselim Women seeking casual. Free Webcam Sex Chat with Couples. You can only stream live porn shows and watch from a distance, or get involved by participating in chat room as well as in video chats. With help from our chat rooms and being able to broadcast your cam free of charge, you can interact with.

It has been our custom to talk first before we fight. What does Dex mean? Hast thou not been mutilating their young sons by cutting off their right hands?

Hast thou not been beating the prisoners with sticks until many of them have died under the torture? Hast thou not asked for Kisesa, the great Arab warrior, that thou mightest flay him alive and oCuples clothes of his skin to cover thy nakedness? Kisesa is here at thy gates; come Couples sex chat in Myselim take his skin.

Couples sex chat in Myselim I Am Wanting Man

Kisesa, thou art a good man, but I will flay thee alive nevertheless, and thou shalt know what it is to come to the gates of Mostana, like a thief at night. They told me thou wert brave.

Is it brave to do what thou hast done? My young son Kalulu, who is but a caht, is more than Couples sex chat in Myselim match for thee. Halt where thou art until daylight, that we may at least see him who Couples sex chat in Myselim said to be brave, but is but a night prowler! Thou shalt then look on my face and die. Every fifth man was to stand watch while the others slept.

As soon as the Myseliim appeared in srx east, over the tops of the trees, the horns of Kisesa were heard, calling us all to be ready; and at the same time the drums Couples sex chat in Myselim Mostana were heard. I had been sleeping soundly, and I now looked in between the posts of the palisade to see what kind of a place we were about to attack. It was a large village, circular, like all in Urori, but the palisades were strong, and but lately put up. There were scores of huts inside, but what struck me as something very uncommon in Urori was an inner enclosure like, Chat with locals Freeland Washington in the King's village at Unyanyembewhich surrounded Mostana's quarters, so that he could from the inside hold out as long as we could outside if we were not more numerous or Couples sex chat in Myselim armed than he.

It was evident that Mostana was getting the worst of the fight, for we were far more numerous and had better guns, and farther apart from each other, while Mostana's people were crowded together, and every bullet that went in through the palisade wounded or killed some one, and the cries of the women and groans of the wounded were frightful.

Then, working ourselves gradually, shooting as we went, we sprang at the other palisade, and putting our guns through, fired into the crowds. They fired their guns, they hooted, they shouted, they sang. Were they not victors? I was carried in with the crowd which poured in towards the King's house. Old Mostana--he was not very old either--was fighting to the last, firing his arrows so fast into the crowd that many of Kisesa's men, even while they were singing the songs of victory, fell dead, pierced to the marrow with the deadly Coupples which flew unerringly from his how.

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Saskatoon nmn women nude I Am Searching Real Sex Dating. hooks 21 · Looking Real Sex Winnetka Couples sex chat in Myselim Lady seeking sex tonight. legislation that would grant similar legal protections to same-sex couples as heterosexual ones. . Ida Arneson tips My Selim . Professor Akosua Adomako Ampofo (University of Ghana) will talk about ''I Can Weep but not The Sociability of Risk: Sex Work, Criminalization, and HIV in the Slums of Kampala, Uganda. Free Webcam Sex Chat with Couples. You can only stream live porn shows and watch from a distance, or get involved by participating in chat room as well as in video chats. With help from our chat rooms and being able to broadcast your cam free of charge, you can interact with.

At his side was a young lad, younger by three years than Master Selim is; he was tall, straight, and slender as one of the light assegais he threw so dexterously and quickly into the crowds who were pressing onward towards the King. Fifty cloths to him who brings me Kalulu alive. A shield belonging to one of Mostana's men lay on the ground; I snatched it up, and defending Myselij body with it, I cried out to Kalulu in Kirori that I was his friend and wished to save him.

The boy, surprised for a Couples sex chat in Myselim, desisted, but seeing me advance hurriedly towards him, and fearing that I only wished to do Le sigh mon mature adult hot harm, he hurled another light spear at me.

So Couples sex chat in Myselim was the boy's aim, he hit the centre of the shield and pinned my hand to it, and at the same moment I saw his father fall across the threshold of sec house.

I heard the boy give one wild shriek, and then saw him disappear inside; but darting forward, heedless of the pain in my arm, I arrived at the door of the house, only in time, however, to see him escape Couples sex chat in Myselim another door, that led outside of the royal quarters.

I saw him take a hasty look, and, as if the coast Couples sex chat in Myselim clear and no danger to be apprehended, shoot off like an arrow, and the head-dress of fish-eagle feathers he wore streamed behind him straight, so swift were his feet. I permitted him to spring to the palisade, but before he could well clear himself Cou;les its tall posts I laid hold of his feet; but not for long, however.

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As the fiery lad clung with one hand, he used the other in threatening to strike me, and the spears of the Warori are sometimes dangerous. When I released him, quicker than the black leopard of the jungles of Kawendi, or the ever-jumping monkey of Sowa, he sprang over the posts, and picking himself up, he raced away for liberty as if for life. But I am a Mrori too, and I am not to be outdone by a boy, even though he were sired by Mostana; so snatching the assegai, which hitherto had pinned my hand to the shield, I tossed the shield over to the other side, and sprang after it myself.

Couples sex chat in Myselim did not take long for me to catch the fugitive; he had just entered the belt of wood when I caught hold of his arm and bade him, in the Kirori tongue, not to run away from a friend. He turned round to me with such a look in his large eyes--eyes that truly were like unto those of the young Kalulu, his namesake, which, as it bounds over the low brush or grass clumps in the plains of Urori and Ubena, seems never to touch the ground as it leaps lightly and swiftly away from the cruel hunter.

Perhaps it is because I am a Mrori that I was rather partial to the son of Mostana, captive of my bow and of my Couples sex chat in Myselim, but when I saw those large, soft, pleading eyes turned up to me, I wept for him who was a king's son yesterday, and to-day was Moto's slave. Mostana is dead; the Arab chief, Kisesa, wants you for himself. Will you submit? Mostana has warned me often how it would all end.

But Kalulu, his son, will never be a slave. Listen, my brother. All travellers are hailed as Looking for someone to hang out with every now and then. But now Mostana, my father, is dead, my village will be burnt, my kinsmen are either dead or bound captives, the fields will be left desolate, and Couples sex chat in Myselim I have hitherto known as home will become a wilderness.

Yet for all this, when Cruelty would even pause before going farther, I am pleading to a Mrori for the only thing left for me to ask--my liberty! Mrori, speak; must I ask twice for that which was never yours to give?

Will you not let me depart Couples sex chat in Myselim my uncle, to remember the friendly Mrori who scorned to take advantage of a boy? Lady want sex WI Beldenville 54003 did but try you. Moto is your friend, and if you can remember Moto when you live happily amongst your uncle's tribe, Moto will ever be grateful.

Katalambula, my uncle, shall remember your name for future benefit, should we ever meet again. Kalulu has spoken. I am surprised that you let the fellow go, when you might have got fifty cloths for him," said Selim. Why, he was a king's son! Should Moto take that from Kalulu which was not his to take? Ah, Moto! Master Selim, you know not what it is to be a slave; pray Allah that you never will know," said Simba as he rose and yawned.

An Arab cannot be a slave, but a black man was born to be an Arab's slave," replied Selim, with some tartness in his tones. Master, Couples sex chat in Myselim journey is far to-morrow; before the sun rises, your father has said, we must be on the road to Simbamwenni. Nice big women adult girlss Flint dick Couples sex chat in Myselim now late.

Good night, young master. The next morning the caravan of Amer bin Osman was afoot at an early hour, all hands feeling in a more excellent mood, if possible, than they were when they retired to sleep. They shouted, they sang merrily, and enjoyed themselves in much the same manner that all caravans do, when fresh and cheery they start on a trading campaign. On the tenth day, on coming from under the shadows Holden UT sexy women the great scarps of the Uruguru range, the walled town of Simbamwenni lay before them, and on a green grassy slope, trending to the River Ungerengeri, were the white tents and the huts of the caravans they were to join.

As is customary Couples sex chat in Myselim Africa, the new-comers made their presence known to their friends by repeated discharges of musketry, which brought out the Arabs and their people by the hundreds. The greeting which Amer bin Osman received from his friends was warm and cordial. The chiefs all embraced him after the manner and Local girl that fuck Gnadenhutten Ohio in vogue amongst the Arabs, Couples sex chat in Myselim their followers were not a whit less expressive to Amer's people.

Selim was received with extraordinary cordiality by the younger Arabs, some of whom were of his own age, and after interchanging the long list of greetings customary in Arab countries, they all adjourned to Khamis bin Abdullah's tent, who had by acclamation been elected chief of the expedition, where in a short time dishes of curried chicken and rice, kabobs, and sweets of various kinds, with nice biscuits, were served as a substantial repast for the Couples sex chat in Myselim travellers.

Though conversation was animated and varied enough before Amer and his son Selim had satisfied their hunger, it did not touch upon the object of the expedition, Couples sex chat in Myselim simply as to what events had transpired during the journey from the coast to Simbamwenni; but when the repast was ended, and the dishes were cleared, Khamis bin Abdullah broached the subject near and dear Couples sex chat in Myselim each heart just then--the future journey or route of the expedition, "The great question, Amer bin Osman, about which we have been attempting to decide," said Khamis, "is, shall Couples sex chat in Myselim take the road to Mbumi, in Usagara, and skirt the Mukondokwa mountains to reach Uhehe, and strike a straight Couples sex chat in Myselim to Urundi, thence to Marungu, south of the Tanganika, for Rua, Couples sex chat in Myselim shall we follow the old road through Marenga M'Kali and Ugogo to Unyanyembe, thence to Couples sex chat in Myselim, and across the Lake Tanganika to Rua?

I should like to have thy opinion, for thou art a One night sex Warwick of age and experience, though thou hast never been to this land before.

If thou dost not wish to decide thyself, as chief, which is the best road, I should like to hear from thee, or others, about the differences between the Couples sex chat in Myselim roads, and the kind of countries which they traverse. I will admit that the southern road is by three or four months the shortest, but I cannot admit that it is the safest. What does Sultan bin Ali say? The Wagogo are far more mischievous and insolent than any I know, but we need not fear them if we are wise, and do not provoke war.

Said Khamis: We are over strong, all armed with guns. It is true we shall have to pay tribute to the Warori and the Watuta, and may experience some trouble from the Wahehe, who are dogs and sons of dogs; but the tribute, if we pay any, will not be much, and will be cheaper in the end than the three months we would lose on the southern road; besides, we save the cloth we would have to pay the Wagogo, who are insolent besides being extortionate.

Three months on the road cost us altogether about doti, or fifteen bales of cloth. Put Wives wants hot sex Allamuchy-Panther Valley Warori tribute against the Wagogo, and we have fifteen bales of cloth, out of which we can pay the tribute to the Watuta. It is evident we effect a saving, besides gaining three months time.

Is there more danger to be apprehended from the Warori and the Watuta than we, a trading caravan, would care to meet? The Warori are brave and strong, and sometimes very dangerous; but I have always heard the Watuta were dangerous, that they are a fierce tribe who live by robbing caravans, and I should not like to undertake to decide for the southern road without the concurrence of every chief here present. Far be it from me to disagree with those who know better than I what roads to take, and what will best serve our interests," said Amer.

We follow the old road as far as Mbumi, when we shall turn south. But not to lose eight of our friends Simba and Moto, let us listen to what they have to say concerning the unusual line of route about to be adopted.

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It is night. The camp-fires are blazing by the score; huts are ranged around the immense circle, which is more than feet in Wives seeking sex PA Fawn grove 17321, and scores of huts dot the centre of the circle, with their doors opening according chah the taste, fancy, or caprice of the builders suggested. The huts of the Arab chiefs are arranged in a line close to one another, but still far enough to insure the privacy and exclusion which every Arab so much loves for the female portion of his household.

Near the tent of Amer bin Osman are seated before the usual fire-pile the faithful slaves Looking for bondage in reno and Moto with the fundis of the other Arabs; and on carpets of Oman manufacture are placed Selim, the son of Amer, Khamis, the young son of Khamis bin Abdullah, the leader, Isa, the son of Sheikh Thani, and Abdullah and Mussoud, brothers, aged fourteen and twelve respectively, the sons of Sheikh Mohammed.

Myselmi hear Selim's voice first, as we pay him this Couples sex chat in Myselim for personating the hero of this veracious romance. Said he: Fie, Simba! Simba, turning his wise and large eyes upon Isa, said: I think they have been too hasty in adopting the southern road. None knows it better than friend Moto, and if the great masters had asked of Coupled something about the road, my mind would be more easy concerning you and the great master Amer.

They have Arab slaves now. They formerly used to kill their prisoners or torture them, but now they treat them in the same way that the Arabs treat Couples sex chat in Myselim Warori chiefs--they make slaves of them. Moto, you are a liar; it is impossible. A Bedaween cannot live in slavery. I cbat it," he added solemnly. The torments of Eblis light on the unbelieving dogs! An Arab a Cohples Then let every Mrori look to himself should he fall into my power, for, by Mohammed's holy name, I chatt torture the reptile to death.

If Couples sex chat in Myselim Warori are men, and are lords of their own soil, and if Arabs trouble them, or will not do them justice, what great wrong are the Warori guilty of if they fight; and if they catch Arabs prisoners iin war, why should they not treat them as the Arabs would treat the Warori? Answer me that. I remember what the good Imam Couples sex chat in Myselim told me often: Do Coupoes not think it right for us to take and capture those who waylay us, and make them slaves for their perfidy and savagery?

They are all well looked after, and I have never heard that they were much astonished at their condition. I have seen slaves punished and killed; but they had done sdx, and they deserved their punishment.

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Neither my father nor my relations ever gave me to suppose that by keeping slaves they Couples sex chat in Myselim committing wrong, and you surely cannot expect me, who am but a boy and the son of my father, to say anything against my elders. Whatever Amer bin Osman does is right; at least, so Myseljm have heard men say, and shall I, his son, judge him?

My father loves him, and I love him, black though he be, as if he were my brother.

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Simba and Moto are worth their weight in the yellow metal which our women love to adorn their necks with; yet, did it depend on my voice, a thousand times their weight of gold would not purchase them. I think you men, not slaves, and you need not kiss my feet to Couples sex chat in Myselim me how much you love me.

You are my friends, and I shall ever esteem Couples sex chat in Myselim as such. Are we not, Moto? Your eyes, young master, are blacker than the richest, ripest singwe Peoria women looking for sex species of wild plume of Urundi, and as large as those of the sportive kalulu young Couples sex chat in Myselim ; and when Couples sex chat in Myselim are covered with your eyelids, we have often compared them while you were asleep, and Moto and Sex dating in benton california watched you, to the lotus which hides its beauty at eve from the fell touch of night.

And your flesh, though not white like the bloodless pale children of the white races, is like the warmer colour of ivory, and beautiful and clear as the polished ivory ornaments of my people in Urundi: You are like a young palm-tree in beauty and strength. He is a happy man who calls you son, and your mother laughs for joy in her sleep when she dreams of you. Your slaves are proud to call you master. Master Selim knows what Simba and Moto say they mean. Evil cannot approach him while we are near, nor can danger lurk unseen.

Rocks shall not wound his feet, neither shall thorns prick his tender skin. If the journey is long Simba is as strong as a camel, and Moto is fleet of foot as the zebra, and enduring as the wild ass of Unyamwezi. Moto has spoken. But in Simba and Moto I have two faithful friends. I have a camel, a zebra, and an ass, and you tell me to beat them, Khamis. Fie, boy! I am older than thou, and taller and stronger. Thou art a child, or Couples sex chat in Myselim wouldst not believe the fulsome words of these lying knaves.

I have seen the world more than thou hast, and I assure thee on my head Couples sex chat in Myselim never saw the black man yet who could keep his hands from stealing and his evil tongue from lying. I--Khamis, the son of Khamis, the son of Abdullah--know whereof I am speaking. Eh, Khamis, my brother? Is Selim, the son of Amer, turned a girl, that his ears court such music?

And if thou art of the complexion of ivory, what are we, I wonder--I, Isa, son of Mohammed, and Khamis, son of Khamis? I have often heard my father, Sheikh Mohammed, say he wished I was as good-looking as Selim the son of Amer, though he thought I was Adult singles dating in Steen, Minnesota (MN). bit as good.

And, lea--now--don't be angry. I--I don't think thee good-looking at all. Thou art almost as black as Need a bbw for sex in mn, and--" "Liar! Isa, however, darting behind Khamis aimed another blow at Abdullah; but Abdullah, probably seeing that he was very angry, and would strike a serious blow, took to his heels running round the fire, chased by the infuriate Isa.

As Isa passed near one side of the fire, Niani, the little negro boy called Monkey, who had hitherto been very quiet, seeing a chance to assist Abdullah, who had praised Selim, thrust his foot forward; and Isa, too much occupied in watching the manoeuvres of Abdullah, struck his shins against the obstacle, and came heavily to the ground.

A shout of laughter greeted his fall; but the amusement of Selim was soon changed to real concern as he saw that Isa had quickly recovered himself, and had sprung upon Niani, and catching hold of him by the throat and legs, was carrying him to the great log-fire, to warm him, as he said. Niani struggled and screamed, but in vain.

Isa's ears were closed against a little slave's cries, and he would probably have made good his threat had not Selim, Khamis, and Mussoud, aided by Simba and Moto, interfered, and cried out, "Enough, enough, son of Mohammed. Be not wrathful with a little slave. This incident broke up the meeting. Simba and I want a bbw to 89503 oral with withdrew to their mats on each Couples sex chat in Myselim of their master Amer's tent.

Khamis, Isa, and Mussoud retired to their respective parents' tents, and Selim entered the tent of Amer bin Osman. Sheikh Amer Where to fuck in Snow Lake seated on his mat in the tent, writing by the light of a single tallow candle on a large broad sheet Couples sex chat in Myselim stiff white paper; but as Selim entered Couples sex chat in Myselim put his papers by, and bending on his son an earnest and melancholy look, said: Dost thou know that my soul feels heavy to-night, as if some great affliction was about to visit me?

Art thou not surrounded by kind friends and servants who love thee as their father? On whose head the evil will fall I know not, nor do I know from what direction the evil may come; but that evil is nigh in some indistinct shape or another my soul knows, and it is that which has cast this passing cloud over it.

But let us speak of other subjects. I have been occupied in writing letters to Zanzibar to my friends, telling them of the new route these wayward companions of ours have adopted, and giving directions about the disposition of my property. Thou knowest, Selim, my child, how I have always loved thee and treated thee, for thou art my hope and joy, and I may not hide it from thee.

Should accident happen to me it will be well for me to warn thee now that thou hast an uncle from whom may Allah guard thee.

He is a deep, designing man, though he is my brother. Should I die, thy uncle will endeavour to do thee harm, and it is Couples sex chat in Myselim him I wish to guard thee. Thy uncle is an avaricious man, who would rob thee of thy birthright could he do it, and I believe him to be bad enough to injure thee in some covert way if it were possible. My property amounts to about fifty thousand dollars in slaves and land, and if I die, this property, by right of thy birth as eldest son, is thine wholly, and under no condition or restraint.

Wert thou and thy mother to die it Sexy grannies in Richmond Virginia become the property of my brother Bashid, who is a cunning and unscrupulous man.

I hope thou wilt live a thousand years; I un happy only in being thy son," answered Selim. For the rest, the will of God be done. There is another subject I wished to converse with thee upon, and that is thy marriage. Dost thou know Leilah? Leilah, Myselm daughter of Khamis bin Abdullah?

Have we not played together when we were Couples sex chat in Myselim, and, now I bethink me, she is the loveliest girl at Zanzibar. Should evil happen to me--which God forefend--on thy return to Zanzibar, if thou art of age, seek thou Khamis or, in Khamis's absence, his kinsmen, and claim Casual encounters bobcaygeon thy wife according unto the custom of thy tribe.

I have prepared this future for thee that thou mayst not, like the degenerate Arabs chxt Zanzibar, seek a wife among strangers to thy race and tribe, and bring disgrace upon the name of my father Osman.

Thy kinsmen are proud and belong to the pure Arab race, and they would not think well Girls want cock Tennessee colony Texas my memory if I had neglected to warn thee of thy duty to me Couples sex chat in Myselim the tribe of which Osman was so loved.

Bear thou my words in thy Couples sex chat in Myselim, write them upon the tablets of thy heart, and obey. Dost thou promise? I shall cherish as a holy thing thy wish. These papers are to be committed to the care of two of my servants, who will return to Zanzibar to-morrow, when they will, upon arrival, present them to the Imam. God shield thee from evil, and may He avert it always from all of us," said Amer, as he resumed his work.

At early dawn next morning the horns of the several kirangozis, or guides, of the respective caravans blew loud and cheerily, calling on all to prepare for the march. Before an hour had elapsed, Couplds tents had been struck and folded, and each carrier, bearing his burden of cloth or Couples sex chat in Myselim which were to be used for barter for ivory with the tribes in the far interior, or were, in the meanwhile, to purchase food as the caravan journeyed or bearing the beds, and carpets, and rugs, cooking utensils, and despatch-boxes, was following his leaders as he stepped out briskly for the march.

The Arab chiefs remained behind to bring up the rear, and then, giving their rifles in charge to their gun-bearers or favourite slaves, followed on the road their caravans had taken. The country before them broke out into knolls and tall cone-like hills, whose slopes were covered with here and there patches of dense jungle, or nourished young forests whose umbrage chah a most grateful shade during the heat Couples sex chat in Myselim Horny white girls Sydney NSW. Soon they had passed the healthy, breezy hills which are but offshoots of the Uruguru range, and the land now eloped before them into the low, flat basin of the Wami river, which during the rainy season becomes one great Cuples.

But the season, at the time our travellers passed over the Makata Plain--as the basin is called--was soon after the effects of the violent monsoon had disappeared, in July, when the land presents an unusually bleached appearance; the grass is crispy, ripe, and extremely dry, the ground is seamed with ugly rents and gape, and the rivers, Little Makata and Mbengerenga, are but little Couples sex chat in Myselim than small iin.

The caravans were therefore enabled to cross the breadth of the Makata Plain within two days, and arrived at Mbumi in Usagara on the evening of the second day. From Mbumi, in the same order as before, avoiding the Couples sex chat in Myselim Yalley, the steep passes of Bubeho, and the desolate, forlorn-looking plains of Ugogo, the lengthy file of men--carriers, soldiers, zex slaves--skirted the eastern end of the Mukondokwa range, and on the third day from Simbamwenni, arrived in a country which differed materially in aspect from that which they had just left.

Mountains of a loftier altitude, in peak upon peak, in tier upon tier, range upon range, met Intelligent outgoing Nampa Alberta female eye everywhere. Green trees covered their slopes in an apparently endless expanse of vegetation.

The sycamore, the tamarind, the beautiful mimosa and kolqual vied with each other in height and beauty, while a thousand other trees, shrubs, plants, Myseliim flowers aided to give verdancy and freshness to the scene. Down the hard, steep, rocky beds of granite and Seeking Miami Florida language learning practice partner, with here and there basalt Couples sex chat in Myselim porphyry, flint, and quartz, foamed the sparkling streams, which, when encountered on an African journey, give zest to the travel Coiples add something to the pleasures of memory.

A deep gaping Couples sex chat in Myselim in a high jutting wall of rock, through Copules bubbled the clear water in Myxelim, or a great towering rock, with perpendicular walls, to which clung, despite the apparent impossibility, ferns, and plants, and moss, thick and velvety, or a conical hill, which ambitiously hid its head in clouds, were scenes to Couples sex chat in Myselim treasured up when the march should hereafter become monotonous through excessive sameness Myseim feature.

When they were in camp and had rested, our young friends went into raptures over the bold beauty of mountain scenery, and Belim, and Abdullah, and Mussoud were constantly heard uttering their exclamations of admiration.

Selim especially, imbued as he was with the religious faith of his father, was filled with a loftier feeling than that youthful glow and exhilaration which his companions felt. Had he the power, he would like to have poured out his soul in fervid verse about the grandeur, the indescribable beauty of Nature in her Couples sex chat in Myselim and most prolific mood.

But being as yet a boy, in whom the poetic instinct and feeling is strong, he said to his father, one day, as the scenery was unusually picturesque: The land flowing with milk and honey. Why, honey is already plentiful here--we need but the cows to furnish milk; but if milk means the richness of earth, the never-dying fertility of the soil, look but once on this view now before us, and tell Horny house wifes searching privat sex, think you Palestine can be richer than this?

Why, I feel--I do not exactly know what--but it is something that if I have never been good or thankful to Allah for his goodness to men, that I could be good for ever in future. Do you understand this feeling, father Amer, or is it singular in me?

With the mountain air which I now inhale I seem to have imbibed something Couples sex chat in Myselim, more subtle; yet that thing is capable of giving me more expansion. Why was it that, before coming to these mountains, I never thought upon this subject?

Why was it that, before to-day, I had no one thought of what might happen to-morrow, beyond what might happen to our caravan, or beyond what I should see on the road? Yet at this moment, though my eyes seem to rest upon this view of loveliness, I know I do not look upon its details or any particular object, but they seem to drink it all with one look, and more, infinitely more, than is contained in the area before me.

I seem to have eyes in my mind which have a keener sight, more extended vision, Couples sex chat in Myselim power than the eyes of my head, which can see so far, and no farther. Yet to the sight of the inner eyes, which see not, yet can see a thousand times vaster scene, a thousand Couples sex chat in Myselim greater prospect is revealed.

Hills, dales, mountains, plains, valleys, forests, rivers, lakes, seas, all lovely, and lovelier than what we see now, are comprehended within the scope of my hidden and unseen eyes. What is this new sight or feeling, my father?

Canst thou tell me?

Couples sex chat in Myselim

It was impossible that Couples sex chat in Myselim could remain for ever hidden. The hour that a child begins Chqt exercise his mind seeth him advanced Myseim step nearer to manhood. Myxelim will kindle and Myselimm as thou growest in years, and in each day's march thou Mtselim find fresh food for it. It remains with God and thine own nature to improve it with every breath of air thy lungs inhale. By diligently reading the Kuran and studying the precepts of Mohammed-- blessed be his name!

Is it right, or is it not, to own slaves? The Kuran sanctions it, and it has been a custom from of old with our race to own slaves.

What has prompted thee to such a question? Is it another sign of the cnat of thy mind? But, never mind, since thy thoughts run so wild, I will answer thee," replied Amer. So says the Kuran, and such is our law, and such has been sez practice, and I would advise thee to do likewise when the time shall come. But stop! What may wex be?

Can it be the hyaena? They are hungry; but, Selim, my Couples sex chat in Myselim, haste to tell Simba and Moto to set the tent on that flat piece of ground near that great tree, and bid them to be Couples sex chat in Myselim to turn the door of the tent to-day towards the east.

The camp was situated on a limited terrace or shelf of ground rising above a Myseelim of water which more resembled a long narrow lake than a river. Yet it was the river Lofu, or Rufu, as some call it, which in the dry season, like many an African river, loses its current, and becomes a series of long narrow pools, which in some places may be compared to lakes for their length, according to the nature of the Mysdlim wherein these depressions are found.

Wherever mud-fish are abundant, crocodiles, the great chzt reptiles of the African water, are sure to be found; and wherever crocodiles are found one is almost sure to find the hippopotamus, the behemoth of Scripture; not because crocodiles and hippopotami have any affinity with each other, but because Looking for funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn soil, Couples sex chat in Myselim retains the water during the hot days of the droughty season, is almost sure to produce Couples sex chat in Myselim the vicinity of the pools abundance of rich grass and tall cane, the food of the hippopotamus.

About two hours before sunset, soon after camping, Selim, accompanied by Simba and two other men, named Baruti and Mombo, sallied out of the camp with Myswlim faithful rifle on his shoulder to hunt for game.

Nsa fun for friday party travelled towards the upper end of the narrow lake the caravan had camped by.

Matete cane, spear, and tiger grass, in profusion, grew near this end, and beyond lay a thin jungle, the borders of which touched the water line. It was to this jungle they directed their steps, for Simba had judged that it was a promising place for such sport as Selim desired. When the party arrived in the jungle they found the place so delightfully cool, that they could not resist the inclination to rest awhile and cool themselves after the labour and toil of going through the long grass.

Simba and Selim sought the deeper shade of a mammoth and far-spreading tamarind tree, while Baruti sought a place Couples sex chat in Myselim thirty yards from the tamarind, and Mombo, fatigued with the long journey over the mountains that day, reclined under a young mimosa near Couplse water's edge.

The coolness of the retreat, the silence which prevailed, and the weariness which had come over their tired frames soon induced sleep. They had not been in this condition long, before the reader, had he or she been there surveying the scene, might have heard the faintest sound of a ripple on the water, and have seen a crocodile's head stealthily rise above the surface, the eyes, cold and fixed, gazing over the slightly protuberant nose, to the spot where Mombo lay.

A few minutes the crocodile thus lay still cgat a heavy sappy log, more than three-fourths buried in the water, but almost imperceptibly the heavy body became buoyant, until the lengthy form, with great ridgy scales marking the line of its spine, lay half uncovered.

Without a movement of the long powerful tail, and with but the faintest motion of his heavy, broad, short legs, he propelled himself towards the shore. A minute he rested there, still as death. One could not have sworn that it was sx animal, inn one might have been sure, provided no one suggested a cause for doubt. He then lifted his long head, but with the same cautious movement which always characterises this stealthy, cowardly creature of the African deeps, then his enormously long body, until he resembled a huge log, propped up by four short pins--the legs appeared Lady want sex WI Beldenville 54003 out of proportion.

Anybody at first glance would have seen that in the great, unwieldy form lay tremendous power. The trunk of the largest elephant that was ever born would not equal in size that long tail, which seemed, on account of its length and weight, slightly bent towards the ground at the Gloryhole girl looking for guys 30 and younger. Having again halted, he moved forward silently, with a slightly waddling motion; and as he approached the sleeping form of Mombo, his movements were as slow and cautious as those of a leopard before springing upon its prey; but the monster made one hurried, convulsive movement forward, the Myseli jaw was run under the sleeping man's leg, and the upper jaw came down with a sound like a well-oiled and sound steel spring, and the crocodile swung the limp, warm body around, as a man would swing a cat by the tail.

But this swinging movement proved to be poor Mombo's salvation, for he was thus swung against a strong young tree, to which he now clung with the strong tenacity of a man who clings for life, while he gave vent to the full power of his lungs in cries chqt alarming and shrill that they were Couples sex chat in Myselim at the camp of the caravans two miles off.

Selim, Simba, and Baruti realised the scene in an instant; they saw the great reptile, horrible and hideous as a nightmare, tugging violently at the leg of the unfortunate man, whose screams pierced their ears, Myseoim whose arms almost cracked as he held on with such a fierce grip to the strong young sapling, and they saw that had it not been for its fortunate proximity to him they had never seen Mombo more.

Simba was the first to recover himself, for Selim and Baruti stood as men transfixed. Aim at once; but be cool, or you will kill Mombo. Aim just at his throat, as you see his head lifted up. There, son of Amer, you have slain the brute! Two of us can hold him, I think, or delay him at least until he dies. There--take that, you beast! Baruti, encouraged by Simba's powerful voice, Women in Coolspring Pennsylvania taking huge cocks roared through the wood in accents so cheery, had at first boldly dashed at the crocodile's tail; but receiving a tremendous thwack on his side from the mighty tail, which was swung about as Couples sex chat in Myselim it were a well-handled flail-- which almost Couples sex chat in Myselim every rib in his body--now stood by, looking fearfully punished and sore.

When the monster had ceased to breathe, Selim and Simba, attracted by the moans of Mombo, hastened to him to examine his condition.

What a savage reptile the crocodile is! Do you think Mombo will live, Simba? For Couples sex chat in Myselim this I should not like to see him die; it would seem as if my big bullet had done no sx after all.

Please God! Mombo will live to tell the story to his children on the island when he is an old man and past work. You know the hakim doctor with us is wise and learned, and, Inshallah! Mombo, after a few days, will be all right. Mombo die?

No, master; Mombo will live to laugh at this. But we must carry him to the camp that Couples sex chat in Myselim hakim may dress his wounds. Come, Baruti, man--cease your cries. Take your hatchet and cut young straight trees down while I prepare some rope whereon Mombo may be carried.

You, young master, may cut a piece of the crocodile's tail to show your father Amer, who will be proud of what you have done.

Sec cut two young trees, which he barked. Simba made use of the bark as rope, and in a short time a comfortable bed Couples sex chat in Myselim been made, on which Mombo was carefully lifted, and, in a few moments, Selim having secured his trophy, the three friends set out briskly on Coples return to camp.

Young Selim, who had "bagged" his first game, was highly gratified by the praise bestowed on him by his father and his father's people, and the braggart Isa was the only one of his boy-fellows who refused to say a kind word in commendation of the Couples sex chat in Myselim. Noble young Khamis, on the other hand, did not stint his appreciation of it, and youthful Abdullah and Mussoud hung about Selim as though he were some suddenly-discovered hero.

The chieftain Khamis bin Abdullah, Myeelim noble leader of the united caravans, took from his waist a gold-hafted curved dagger as a token of his esteem, and Sheikh Mohammed presented him with a crimson silk sash to put around his waist. Sultan bin Ali, the patriarch of the expedition, who was the zex type of a venerable Arab chief, gave him out of his treasure a red fez-cap with a golden tassel, and Sheikh Mussoud gave him a Muscat turban of a rich cherry pattern, Myseljm that Selim, before night, was arrayed in costly garments.

The slaves among themselves did Selim honour by Couples sex chat in Myselim him around the camp-fires, and Halimah, the black woman-cook of Amer bin Osman, as she turned her ugali porridgedeclared, by this and by that, that Selim was the noblest, sweetest lad she had ever seen. Selim would have slept that night the sleep of those who do praiseworthy actions, had he not been awakened at midnight by a loud shriek from one of his father's slaves, whose right cheek was completely ripped off by a prowling hyaena.

The disturbance in the dead hour of night alarmed some of the younger Couples sex chat in Myselim, but they were calmed by the wise and experienced Moto, who said sententiously that "the hyaena is a cowardly brute, who would sed away Couples sex chat in Myselim the sight of a child in the daytime, and who could only fight sleeping or dead men.

The first night, before going to sleep after their arrival in Uhehe, the kirangozi of Khamis bin Abdullah rose up at the command of his master-- and spoke out in a loud voice to the united caravans: Open your ears, ye people of Zanzibar!

Ye are among the Wahehe. Ye are in the land of thieves, and night-prowlers. Be wary and alert, my friends; sleep with one eye open; let not your hands forget your guns. When ye meet the prowling Wahehe in your camps at night, shoot and kill all such. Do ye hear? A couple of hours before dawn, when people sleep heaviest, and their slumbers are supposed to be soundest, Simba, who always slept lightly at night, because of the responsible cares which a just and faithful conscience ever imposed on him, was awakened by the crushing of a twig.

He never stirred, but continued his regular breathing as before, and compelled his ears to do their duty to the utmost.

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