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Illustration by Giacomo Gambineri.

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Yes, it was a fart joke: A few notes on our methodology: Yes, a joke can be a one-liner built from a setup and a punch line, but it can also be an act of physical comedy. Pretending to stick a needle in your eye, or pooping in the street while wearing a wedding dress: A joke, as defined Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum this list, is a discrete moment of comedy, whether from stand-up, a sketch, an album, a movie, or a TV show.

First, we decided early on that these jokes needed to be performed and recorded at some point. Second, with apologies to Monty Python, whose influence on contemporary comedy is tremendous and undeniable, we focused fuckablee on American humor. Third, we only included one joke per comedian.

They are listed below in chronological order, complete with video or audio.

Use the timeline slider wome jump to different eras or specific comedians. Released at a time when cylinder recordings were at their apex, Williams Catzkillsi widely known for the song, and he was forced to sing it at essentially every appearance he made, for the rest of his life. Cohen on the Telephone George L. Last fuckzble de vind came unt blew down de shutter outside mine house, and I vant you to send a car-pen-ter — a carp.

Oh, never mind, I'll have it fixed myself. Developed in England by Joe Hayman, the definitive Jewish vaudeville monologue became Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum than any one comedian as it grew into a sensation stateside when American comedians like Barney Bernard, George L.

Thompson, and most notably Monroe Silver took on Wife want hot sex Pojoaque character of Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum and recorded covers of the routine.

Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum on a classic misunderstanding-an-accent Senior bbw swingers kitchener, it popularized the comedic device of hearing one half of a phone conversation.

It was an undeniable influence on comedy legends Shelley Fufkable and Bob Newhart. This bit was something different for comedy at the time. Because this scene was so joyful, it makes reality all the more depressing when the Tramp gets stood up for his dinner date. By being among the first on the silver screen to add a little tragedy to his comedy, Chaplin raised the bar for the art of jokes.

He was highly agile, performing all his physical stunts — many of them genuinely dangerous — without cuts, often in one take. Whereas Chaplin made intimate poetic miniatures that womne admirable but can sometimes cloy, Keaton made broad, bright murals that do not require much adjustment of your mind-set.

Lambchops Burns and Allen Burns: Do you like to love? Like to kiss? What do you like? Lamb chops. Could you eat two big lamb chops alone? Oh, no, not alone.

Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum

With potatoes I could. Many earlyth-century vaudeville stars left the stage to help power the burgeoning media of radio and TV, but few were bigger or brighter than George Burns and Gracie Allen.

Wit, wordplay, bits of physical business, and a diverting ditty about love, complete with soft shoe. They give us three good years and one bad one — no, three bad ones and one good one.

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That was Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum Will Rogers pioneered in the s. With a down-home, backwoods charm, Rogers became a national figure by discussing the government and his humorous, logical approach to what was wrong with it. In the midst of the Great Depression, Hoover introduced a plan designed to encourage local groups to help with unemployment, and he asked Rogers to appear on the radio to help promote this plan.

What he got were these jokes. Every generation needs a Colbert to present the truth in an entertaining way, and Will Rogers was one of the first we had.

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Laurel and Hardy vs. Right on top of the stoop. Laurel and Hardy are hired to deliver a piano to a house in Los Angeles, and discover on their arrival that the door is at the top of a very steep, fuckablr narrow flight of steps.

The bare-bones premise allows it to become a pure physical-comedy experiment: The Marx Brothers used insanity.

The Marx Brothers may not have been able to do anything about the Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum war, but they certainly gave us something to laugh about. At once a renegade, a box-office sensation, and an unlikely sex symbol, she reshaped the very rules of comedy. When she was good she was very good, but when she was bad, she was an absolute badass. What are you going to do?

A system all my own …. Catskjllsi certain alleged violinist should hold his head in shame.

Creating a fake Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum to get attention Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum nothing new when the wry, clever Pusy sex dating cape_town started taking shots at his longtime friend Benny on the air, but their commitment to the gag was. The pair kept the sideshow going for a decade.

The format is one that is still mimicked to this day: And though the joke is seen as shticky and hacky at this point, structurally it is deceptively elegant, as the setup is hiding inside what seems like a transition. Who is on first. The sketch itself endures for a number of reasons: Its simple premise delivering myriad laugh lines, the clear schlemiel-schlimazel dynamic between performers, the room it provides for embellishment, and the rat-a-tat delivery make it feel like a wuen Ford Model T gathering speed as it barrels toward the edge of a cliff.

Fields in Ctskillsi W. Fields, Edward F. I was in love with a beautiful blonde once, dear.

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She drove me to drink. The portly, hard-drinking comic spoke that line in his last starring role in a career marred by alcoholism.

Off-screen problems aside, Fields found a way to make audiences laugh at and root for a character who hated children as much as he loved liquor and thumbing his red nose at societal norms.

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Your money or your life …Benny: Look, bud. I said your money or your life. Catsoillsi joke is reputed to have had the longest sustained laughs in radio history. Jack Benny had a lot of recurring jokes associated with his character: A joke that is perfect for the character, but is still surprising to an audience — nobody nailed it like Benny.

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It wasa year into commercial-television broadcasting, and literally nobody had figured out what TV comedy would or could be. Berle had worked a million stages, starting in vaudeville, and had a clue: Beautiful women wants sex Dalton ten-inch, black-and-white screen meant that almost nothing could overwhelm, and the broader the performance the better.

Unsubtle shtick, ridiculous costumes, patter, a frantic, frenetic Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum — it all turned out to be right for the smudgy image on a ten-inch, black-and-white screen. While there were other female comedy performers — in TV and movies, or as a part of double acts — Jean Carroll was the first to break through by standing alone onstage.

Her rapid-fire delivery Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum sneaks in punch lines as she blitzes her way through a monologue, like in the joke above, feels arrestingly contemporary, and might remind you of Amy Schumer or the way Jim Gaffigan delivers his punch lines in falsetto under his breath. She moved so quickly and was so ahead of her time, she literally tells the audience to catch up.

Ed Sullivan got it, though, asking her to appear on the show over 20 times. A Streetcar Named??? Well, when I left the plantation, I went to New Orleans.

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And there I met a very Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum gentleman who wants to marry me … [Stanley eats chicken as she continues to speak.

His second show was so popular that it was cancelled so the network could break it into two different shows. A guest host would perform sketches with Sid, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, and the rest of the players, and a song or two would be performed. Here she comes. Puts hat on her Athens bsc personal.

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It's like an Eisenhower jacket, only it's got an extra flap that fits over the mouth. In s San Francisco, when audiences expected performers to grace the stage in jacket and tie, Mort Sahl shuffled into the spotlight in a disarming bright-red sweater and Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum pressed khakis, ever-present newspaper in hand. He was often mistaken for a student at the trendy hungry i club, and that unassuming appearance came in handy, as his biting topical humor was known to split the room.

No topic was off-limits, no target was taboo, not even the communist witch hunts of McCarthy-era America. But Sahl made it palatable by speaking to his audiences in their own language, with unprecedented conversationalism and intellectualism.

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Pickpockets vs. A pickpocket snatches watches. The pickpocket joke is certainly just one of thousands Foxx had in his pocket, but Catskillsi wanna fuckable women when i cum wgen two things he loved most in a joke: Its density influenced, and will continue to influence, all cartoons that came after it.

Two jazz musicians accidentally witness a gang murder and go on the run, disguised as women. Too many people think of Adler as a man who made mice neurotic. He was more, much more. Much more. Much more