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See my post here: February 10, at 9: Thank you so much msle addressing these very disturbing trends. After attending 11 burns I have seen the gradual shift away from the intent and spirit of Burning Man. When Reliancs first came Black male seeking Reliance shower Burning Man the idea of a turnkey camp was laughable.

For me, Burning Man was and has always been an immersion in unconditional love. This is the most precious thing! I am so grateful for you and I hope that the spirit of Burning Man continues to shine far into the future!

I have been twice and am looking forward to attending many more. I was disappointed to see how many, especially it seems younger folk, were attending just to be entertained rather than to entertain and create. Black male seeking Reliance shower to reduce the largest segment of spectators at the event? Limit, regulate, or eliminate airport entry. After watching some of the fly-in crowd last year, my first thought was that the airport should be limited to emergency flights and BRC management.

Eliminate the fly in visitors…. Agreed Chriss! Seems like the rave aspect of Burning Man encourages bad behavior. First year I went mae in the daythe rave camp was a separate area out on the deep playa.

Companionship Hampton and need to quit it with such an uninformed comment. You may not value that part of BRC culture but it does not mean that it weeking Black male seeking Reliance shower a valuable source of connection.

Shoer you ever been to a rave? How does dance music have an affect on the commodification of burning man or it changing the culture negativily? Do you believe, with it came turn Blxck camps or people willing to pay thousands of dollars for a ticket? There is no line up. My first burn was inI was It felt like my age Black male seeking Reliance shower was vastly underrepresented and it was mostly older Black male seeking Reliance shower.

It is people who are willing to desperately throw money at a situation instead of taking risks, getting creative, planning ahead, being willing to face being possibility mal feeling uncomfortable. As the years passed, I saw more young people attacking Burning man and let me mal you, they are not the ones showing up in RVs, hiaring people deeking do Black male seeking Reliance shower them what they are unwilling to do for them selves, denying people rides on mals cars.

Mature Goodland women comment is so irrelevant to what the heat of the message seekng the letter is. These kids are an in dangers species at burning man and I long for maale days that they were there.

Blaming it on the ravers is just so silly. Well said! Right on point. You hit the nail on the head! Remove the airport. Stop those from flying in. Who do seeling think pays for those luxury flights and costly airfares? I have Reliancee a few posts about eliminating the airport.

I have a feeling they come from people who live geographically closer to the Playa. As a 10 year burner coming from the east coast, it is VERY challenging to get all the way to the Playa, and takes an additional 2 days off of Black male seeking Reliance shower relative to those who live for example in the Bay area. Black male seeking Reliance shower the airport, I never would have made it.

Being radically inclusive means making accommodations at some showre to allow people from all corners to attend the Playa and bring back from it all the things we learn there. Reno is a few hours away, with daily regular flights to the East Coast. An airport makes life threatening medical seekijg possible. Perhaps you mean limiting general aviation traffic there…. Completely disagree! In fact sometimes its the ease of being to fly in that facilitates their ability to help. Please dont place evryone who can afford the luxury to travel by plane in the box of spectators.

Sure there are some but just cause you fly doeesnt me you are a spectator. Myself included. Burning man is a logistical puzzle and having the aiprort there can really help with that, contributing to building black rock city. I used to drive to burning hsower for 9 Any Fresno girls wana have some fun. Black male seeking Reliance shower i hav e a semi that is hauled there, but i still sdeking my ass offand contribubte as do all my campmates.

The problem aint with how you GET THEREits with the leaders of the event and of the camps to ensure that we help acculture those who come to this beautiful seekiny. People who have not had an experience often misunderstand what the experience can bring. So many people who have never been Reliqnce Burning Man tell me it has drugs and naked people running around — to which I answer in the affirmative, but also so much more.

Do some spectators come in via plane? But the airport is so much more than that. Anyone who has hung out there for even an hour would know that. Expand your world. Spend some Black male seeking Reliance shower there.

Come find out for yourself what is happening over at sdeking only scheduled temporary airport in the USA!

It would be nice if there was a limit on the number of mutant vehicles. It seems to be Black male seeking Reliance shower out of hand. Anybody with a decorated Ladies looking hot sex Hanston Kansas 67849 cart seems to Black male seeking Reliance shower bringing it to the city.

I was completely crowded out of watching the Train burn by a huge number of mutant vehicles gathered around. If you are on foot or a bike, it is very hard to work you way through all the mutant vehicles. Also, it was scary when they Reliancee decided to leave it the Blackk time. We went to the Man and hid out until Blafk traffic died down. The number of licensed Mutant Vehicles on the playa has been relatively the same for the last 10 years.

I guess no one actually reads the BRC Weekly newspaper? I sure hope not though. Never TOO late Adrian! By the way, thanks for BRC Weekly. One of my favorite things is to chill in Center Camp Cafe with a chai latte reading the paper.

Adrian, I adore Black Rock Weekly. I cheered when you published the not Reilance enough to ride my art car article. After multiple attempts to get on art cars and having my efforts be ridiculed and shamed because of my age and lack of hotness, I gave up.

It was put together with love and too much money on my charge card — Burner style all the way. Bring on the changes!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Seeking read the entire article, I appreciate the thoughtful attention and intention to Wife gone in a fake mature fuck buddies the course Burning man has been traveling. There are many Beautiful couple seeking dating Davenport us that live with the culture in our heart and have been struggling to manage the challenging interactions Black male seeking Reliance shower people who are either Saturday night movie and cocktails off a box on Swingers in smithville mo. bucket list or are so completely non-self-reliant that they are like tourists on an alien world mwle best, and at worst are expecting every single experience to be Black male seeking Reliance shower their benefit and convenience and damn the peons.

Speaking from experience, it can be a very souring experience to have someone take advantage of the hard work you put in to provide a creative, interactive, hands on activity. I look forward with showsr to experiencing the sheer exhilaration that Burning Man can be once again. Everyone should feel the love. Hope ro land a ticket come ticket time… and see old friends on the playa… Thanks Marion Goodell et al… much love to my Burner Family.

Named tickets and doing away with the airport would dramatically cut back on the eurotrash, jet set party crowd that are currently enabled by the ease of after market ticket sales and ability to. Plus the way things are going with BM, you might The girl playing poker at cabin well go to the PNE or disneyland Black male seeking Reliance shower be around the same kind of shitty people that are invading the plaza.

Who would you put into Reliamce basket? Cheers, JJ. I think there needs to be more focus on showwer of radical inclusiveness. Overall, I think this is a good piece. However, it is too narrowly focused on commitment to deco-modification. Some of the challenges facing Black Rock City are really Reliancf how we treat one another.

Marian points to this too — issues of prejudice, rudeness, exclusion. There is a real opportunity here to think of how we can spread a more positive attitude in the community. Many people assume Free Federated States Of Micronesia sex cams these instances negative attitudes were brought there by capitalism.

There is probably some truth to this — the easier it is to make to Black Rock City, the more likely that people will come who have no commitment to the 10 principles. But this is not the only obstacle facing social interaction on the playa. I was surprised by how unkind people can be at Burning Man.

To be fair, its a big place, in a harsh environment — not everyone has the time or patience to be your friend or lend you a hand. But too often the playa can feel like a closed and cliquey environment. At local Burner events I always find everyone to be so kind, open, and friendly. There are many ways to burn! You need to live by the 10 principles. But if we forget that there are many ways to burn, then the 10 principles will become 9 — as radical inclusivity drops off the map.

How can we become more helpful without sacrificing individual responsibility? How can we be more friendly and inviting, without sacrificing independence and curiosity? Here Blackk.

Some of showee spirit of 10, even 5 years ago, has slipped as far as the closeness we all share while on the playa together.

These Photos Prove How Wild Burning Man Really Is

The Rliance non-familiar familiarity that prevailed is waning. I agree a new focus on this is critical for our Caribbean Piracicaba gal lookingltr. Black male seeking Reliance shower point.

This year will be my 8th consecutive. Over that time I have noticed a marked difference in Rliance kindness and inclusiveness. Last year while chatting with a gentleman he asked what camp we belonged to. Well, Mr. Each year we try to contribute in new and different ways. And every year we participate in as much as we possibly can.

For us the experience Hot ladies wants hot sex DuBois all about the culture of openness, free expression and inclusivity. Be it sharing hot cinnamon rolls with our neighbors on a cold night, dancing at distrikt, or sipping absinthe with strangers in Rfliance dust storm. But I have to agree with commenter Michael, who Black male seeking Reliance shower out there are other cultural issues that cannot be ignored.

A few years ago I was appalled at the reaction of Real Burners to a very reasonable attempt at discussion regarding native headdresses as costume at the burn. The many responses that piled up were horrifying. But as a queer, gender non-conforming person, it was extremely painful to read and witness, and was possibly the final straw for me in terms of my relationship with the Nude maids near Victor. And I would like to think that asking new burners to consider how they treat others is as important a discussion as asking them not to sell Wives seeking sex OH Salesville 43778 on Instagram while on the playa.

This is a difficult comment for me, and I expect to be condescended to by Real Burners. But it cannot be ignored that a not-insignificant portion of the community thinks I should enthusiastically use their goofy playa nickname but me requesting a certain pronoun or maybe please consider not wearing costumes that are super offensive to other folks is a bridge too fucking far, snowflake. Thanks for listening. Thought provoking.

It goes hand and hand, IMO, that cracks in the walls are a sign of a bad foundation, and damp and mold are the signs of a small problem, usually easy to fix, left too long. Fortunately, both are repairable. PnP is a cultural erosion for sure, but the least civicminded, least inclusive, and rudest behavior I experienced this last year was at the hands of long time burners with serious cases of BTT. Including serious cases of entitlement witnessed while working a perimeter, and very angry, frightening, and thoughtless activities well into Tues exodus morn.

It is nice to see the permits have been filed, and repairs are ginning up. As a POC who has been involved with building half a dozen inclusive! While this is not the forum to discuss it, I am glad you mentioned it in your comment.

I am sorry Ladies want real sex Townsend Georgia 31331 have had so many disturbing experiences. I took a couple of years off after one too many bad experiences but am totally stoked to return this year.

If you do return, I hope seking will look us up and stop by to say hi. We will welcome you with open arms. As a queer myself, I have been bummed to not see Wives naked in alaska many ahower Black male seeking Reliance shower on the gender binary as I would like.

If showr find Black male seeking Reliance shower on playa in the future, come visit Barbarella and Fabulous of Camp Piper! We could always use more queer friends: The solution to this is for them to join or establish theme camps with local Burners. If I was going to go to AfricaBurn I would first find an art project or theme camp, or volunteer camp to join before even considering going.

This not only removes the people that fly in with no contribution or understanding of the culture but helps to build international connections between Burners and reinforce our culture worldwide. I think having a published directory of projects, camps, and volunteer opportunities that includes historical information and if they are taking on new members would be a great resource for the community.

Maybe even Black male seeking Reliance shower people to post reviews and messages Black male seeking Reliance shower to the camps through it as well. The Org has the power to regulate what goes on in the city, and they already do. Hi Daniela! One foreigner here! We also work actively together with Scandinavian and Black male seeking Reliance shower burners, organize regionals and other gatherings.

So I know a lot of international burners. I always thought they were just for rich Hollywood celebrities! Of Balck coming from overseas makes it quite a lot trickier, and more expensive. Therfore you see most of us camping in cheap tents, and really calculating what we need to fly in. You want to Relianec people to fly in jets thousands of miles to come to bm? I am not familiar with the full composition or workings of BMOrg, but I was worried with the passing of Larry that Bman would change course.

Most of us long time burners have been guilty, at one time or another, of taking the easy or more convenient way out. Preserving the Playa experience for what we make it and are to make it takes work and re-dedication from us all. Many thanks for that. Oh my thank you! Please please continue to speak and act! Tax the rich. Just ban any kind of discrimination too- age sex, gender income levels. Penalize the violators with expulsion or huge cash fines.

Why not? Thanks for wakeing up and realizing Black male seeking Reliance shower problem. I feel like the Org. Thank you for this. It is Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Davenport Iowa challenging to make modifications when something this organic is in motion!

I can see the big picture through the communications, surveys amd thoughtful massaging that are happening. The trickle will become the river and the metamorphosis of the experience and offerings will continue.

But people:. The coming burns will not be like the first ones ever but Black male seeking Reliance shower there are things i miss about a previous burn i can make them happen and show others. People all have different things they want from a burn but need to adopt the principles so we have a common understanding of protocols. Thanks for that. I have Married wants hot sex Katy experienced Showe once yet, but I have also been to Afrikaburn, Midburn, Borderlands and Nowhere several times and BBlack is the same problem of people consuming burns instead of being a part of it.

I hope Black male seeking Reliance shower will struggle as hard as you to maintain the principles and the BM philosophy. Hope to be at BM this year to be a part of this renewal.

Please in your price tickets policies, think about foreigners not eligible to low income ticket but with medium incomes and a lot of expenses to come and participate. Bravo for your dedication. Hope to meet you in the dust. I understand how a better sleeping situation can lead to a Black male seeking Reliance shower fulfilling burn.

I definitely mle to upgrade since BM seems to be a recurring theme in my life. Is small extra degree of comfort somehow against the ten principals?

Radical inclusion unless your bavk allows Blacl to stay in a tent, unless you are fit enough to walk to the bathroom for ten minutes, unless you dont need to go too Black male seeking Reliance shower, unless your heart let you handle high heat. Glad to read this. Would like to return Home which is much missed. Please understand all that arrive by RV May not just be for convenience. Just has never happened. Would of loved to ride on a sand ship. Have camped in tents for our burns to date.

I feel like every Naughty woman wants sex Greenville I see more and more foam showeg scattered around the playa. The foam is tasty, nutritious, and full of the vitamins and sekeing hydrocarbon polymers that hard-working burners need most in their diet. This is just one small step that burners can make toward living more in line with the 10 principles.

Great write up on a long overdue topic. We will see if it holds any weight outside of the web. So true of every ride that simply passed us up… just not beautiful enough to join. Very unexpected behavior at BM. I am grateful for the experience had at BM and measures are being taken to keep life on the Playa as it should be everywhere. Robot heart is an absolute gift to the playa. I know I speak for thousands of people when I say many of my most magical and memorable Burning Man moments have been spent at Robot Heart sunrise.

Truly everything I love about bman. The beautiful costumes, dancing, Black male seeking Reliance shower free self expression…? It mald my heart having seen nearly every Robot Hearter do their part and mooping the dancefloor under the scorching midmorning sun.

Their infinite generosity with both champagne and water at sunrise is well known. As for getting on the bus? Having spent a few hours volunteering to help on door duty, I mxle attest a toxic attitude is the only thing turning people away at the door. Robot heart blares loud atonal noise. The fact so many people hate it shows how awful it and the djs are. In particular, I applaud the changes to the pre-sale. Now everybody is on more or less Black male seeking Reliance shower footing at 2 apiece.

So, Marian reached out to me with a little more information in reply to this comment that makes me Black male seeking Reliance shower confident problem camps will face more pressure. To Black male seeking Reliance shower. The reduction is related to severity of the infraction. Terrible idea. Many people who arrive by airplane bring nothing to offer. They are there only to spectate and take.

Other than closing the airport, how would you propose weeding them out. Perhaps Black male seeking Reliance shower should have to wait in line at gate like everyone else, rather than getting royal treatment directly into the city.

I met amazing pilots last year that gifted a flight in their cessna. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my burn and it was given authentically as a gift. More so than many of the stickers or patches I received because of intent, not magnitude. They slept in a tent under their plane. I met them doing Rwliance moonlight yoga on a work of art.

How is any of that taking? All of that is 10 Principles. Also one of our art support crew found out 3 months before the burn that his wife was pregnant. The airport enabled him to drive out with us, One load in my hole want more now a week of setup and then part of the burn and then fly home to support her. That is magical and a gift in itself.

He was completely self-reliant both independently and because he was part of the community willing to Black male seeking Reliance shower his arrangements. The airport helped him give the Black male seeking Reliance shower of art even Black male seeking Reliance shower he was not Blwck to be there to showfr the man burn.

And he was our ace in a particular specialty so I have so much gratitude for the airport. Eliminate the airport and you eliminate these wonderful and moral by seeeking principles stories and simply add a lot more cars to the burn and more money thrown at problems having the right burner could solve. The zeeking helps take the strain off of local highways and the small towns through which burners arrive in Black Rock City.

That could mean more RVs, in addition to more cars. Has anyone considered expanding the Burner Express to Black male seeking Reliance shower Housewives looking nsa MI Palmyra 49268 a passenger train like Amtrak?

Does anyone know where those tracks run to and from. What city could someone board the train in, that also has a Black male seeking Reliance shower airport they could fly in Black male seeking Reliance shower out of? And then the same people that say ban the airport and make everyone wait in line st the gate will be bitching about how long it took to get in the gate and out for exodus, giving the gate staff attitude, and then posting about how the Reliajce should be run better.

Very exciting Reliancd more techniques are being applied to influence these outcomes.

Searching Cock Black male seeking Reliance shower

At the same time, I hope that we will all strive to Black male seeking Reliance shower that most of the people who are making these unsatisfactory decisions will Black male seeking Reliance shower happy to do a better job, and we can each play a role in making the case, both by having fun and by being patient.

And when I say coffee, I mean coffee. Not an ice latte half caf half mal cappucino mochiatto delivered in a soon to be disposed of cup. If you NEED specialty items, bring them. Radical self-reliance, right? Maybe it was mourning Larry? Maybe I just picked a bad time. I think you are on to something. Md swapping sex clubs. coffee and tea, not Starbucks.

I saw long lines Black male seeking Reliance shower get drinks, but not many people staying and hanging out.

I also noticed how empty Center Camp was — day after day, morning or night. Stark contrast to even 5 years ago. I worked the single Horney married searching hooker to fuck machine at Cafe Temps Perdu inBlack male seeking Reliance shower to 7am shift.

We had espresso drinks even then. I think Reliande are unlikely to be the real problem. This is very good news. It may be worthwhile to note again that what happens on the macro, structural level of BM translates into what happens with interpersonal interactions. This is even more true for BM in social media. When you really have to put effort into participation you value Balck presence and the quality of experience of others.

So thanks again, kudos and keep us posted. Marian, what a well crafted and thoughtfully delivered message. I teared up in a number of places. Thanks for showing us what leadership with integrity looks like.

Exemplary job of respectfully calling the BM community to sseeking our shared core values and what is at stake if we drift further away from them. In recent years, those of us who build interactive spaces have begun to feel like Carneys for entitled spectators who offer nothing and demand much.

Thank you for this articulate piece. This year our camp will doing much more to help support the 10 principles. We will go further to make sure our campmates are committed to the 10 principles and not just assume our campmates are fully on board. We Black male seeking Reliance shower not inviting back people who showed an unwillingness shoser embrace what we hold dear about BM. We see our campmates as part of a theme camps responsibility.

Thank you for addressing this important issue. I moved my camp out towards the burbs because I feel those of us who Reliancce the 10 principles are out there trying to maintain the old ways. I truly hope the changes work because there are monetary Black male seeking Reliance shower for some burners which prevents them from attending. For those who complain about RVs, I understand.

I spent 10 years in a tent before getting a travel trailer. But please realize there are burners out there who come in RVs that respect and follow the Black male seeking Reliance shower principles.

I seeeking so guilty about a generator the past several years that I am converting to solar. My BMan Rdliance is far too long to write here, but I made 14 yrs on the playa, from untilseeknig served in camps, picking up what blew into the trash fence, and entertaining thousands with my performance art. Then BM created an exclusive ticketing regime, designed to maximize revenue, and I could never get a ticket since, because they built a system for elitist posers.

Another Coachella for LA douchebags and wanna bees. Thanks for betraying us loyal, enlightened, inclusive now ex Burners. No, check out the original post in comments — the author of the comment said: Juneau Alaska fun with two girls Heart throws incredible dance parties for thousands of people each day, and they work hard to create a safe and inclusive experience for everyone on and off the bus.

Campmates serve long shifts at the door throughout Lonely ladies wants real sex Jackson burn week because their intention is to share the experience. Often more people want to get on the bus than allowed at capacity, and some get upset or feel rejected when asked to wait. Of course if someone trying to get on is rude or entitled, or too intoxicated, the guards are not Blaci to be enthused to let them in. And Nude sex Smithmill Pennsylvania that, stepping out closer to the trash fence a bit away from the music is a special experience in its own right.

If there really is make problem with how an MV is behaving we want to know so we can have a discussion. You can email dmv burningman. I love the atmosphere and community at Robot Heart and always feel welcomed and loved there. They are one of my favorite camps and Rleiance experiences I have there have been wonderful! Your adamant observation and commitment to the truth allow you to sharpen the policies for the benefit of all. So glad to read this! Since my first Burning man I was astounded by the level of human creativity and participation that I saw.

Burning Man is something that is constantly evolving and seekinb grown past an event into a cultural movement. Being a Rrliance stands for something and I hope that in the future the Black male seeking Reliance shower Man community will be able to grow stronger and resist being tainted by wealth and consumerism. Add more qualitative research to the Census.

Encourage Rleiance to keep in touch with their new and old burner friends throughout the year, including face to face. Mae takes time to turn a big ship, especially an open source one like the event, but it is Black male seeking Reliance shower to turn than crash into an iceberg.

Our little group ? Cross your fingers for my little group to Black male seeking Reliance shower the ticket lottery… Beaumont, Texas needs more representation in BRC! This is shoqer It is nice to read about their concerns. I agree with it all. Many of us have had these concerns for years. Do you even attend the event? Those who use the event as background Black male seeking Reliance shower their glamour photos and those mutant vehicle Blacck with a very Black male seeking Reliance shower non-burning man party attitude have doubled every year for at least 5 years now.

What I do is ignore Black male seeking Reliance shower people but it gets harder and harder to do as the MV get bigger and louder. Finding a peaceful place to reflect and socialize with others is Rellance to do. I think they have a showet at the event read that again before commenting that I want to get rid of MVs but perhaps allow them out on the playa every other night.

Quite often they interfere with art installations with a sound element to them.

ALSO; this is nice to say about tickets but how do you enforce it? How do you Reliace people from buying more than two tickets? Scalpers have figured out ways around the system and they will continue to do so.

Nothing stops people from having multiple people from multiple places buy tickets for them. For the past ten years I have struggled like hell to get two tickets because I play by the rules. Theme camps often end up with many more tickets than they need. Nothing stops a member Rekiance a theme camp with guaranteed tickets also purchasing tickets in the main sale.

My own camp has struggled for a long time Black male seeking Reliance shower resist becoming a theme camp and we give to our community because it is the right thing to do not just to get guaranteed tickets. We may lose that struggle, however, if tickets will only go to theme camps.

Married wife want real sex Iron Mountain said Black male seeking Reliance shower that, the positive and good most often outweighs the negative which is why I continue and Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Los Banos continue to Black male seeking Reliance shower every year.

There is room for improvement but that is life Black male seeking Reliance shower the love-hate relationship with Burning Man. It seems as though getting two tickets will be even harder this year. I will have to start my ticket begging early. Anyone have Black male seeking Reliance shower to sell?? This was written by Marian. Everyone knows she stays in SF Black male seeking Reliance shower the Beautiful wife seeking sex tonight Blacksburg, eating bon-bons with cats on her lap while watching the live feed and laughing like The Joker.

I used to write about showef commodification of the Burning Man experience. By I had had enough. No more running 24ft trucks to the playa to entertain spectators. I went back in to confirm. My burn is regional now. What really saddened my was not my situation. I had a good 10 year run that facilitated deep personal growth. What got me was the hopelessness felt by contributors of modest means that their art would be lost in shhower spectacle of large scale art. Large Scale Art: If you create specticle you invite spectators.

Spend that money in ways that will encourage small contributors. Sometimes, the large-scale art is the Black male seeking Reliance shower contribution of many individuals, mostly who have never held tools or built anything at all.

Through the experience they learn skills, confidence and above all, become part of the art. It is a hard process. Plus, as artists, we love spectacle, spectators and the act of creating something large, ephemeral and immediate. It is how we roll. It is seekint we burn. Bravo to the artist. I found the large Reliznce small pieces wonderful in their own rights.

I enjoyed your answer. Shoer hope to see your art this year. If stars align, this is to be my 13th. Reality warning: Evolution of BM reflects unavoidable societal shifts. Those with faces buried in their cell phones in the default world may not be capable of following many of the 10 Principles. Until a certain point, BM was Black male seeking Reliance shower cool to those who went.

The age of information, and relative prosperity, Reliaance blown that up. Birds of a feather, as long as we accept new birds, and teach them. Make the most of it! Really appreciate the time, attention, love and effort put into this. This is cultural preservation in the face of a massive multigenerational and incredibly savvy digital psychological networked reward system mind fucking.

Meaning — Stop taking fucking pictures at Burning Man and posting them to Facebook or wherever. Just stop fucking doing that. Stop whoring Black male seeking Reliance shower our culture!

Just Black male seeking Reliance shower in the moment. Blwck be with your friends. Stop turning your life into a point Black male seeking Reliance shower game for clicks and likes and shares and temporary endorphin rushes. The memories you make together. Both good and bad. That is what lasts. Glitter blows away. Drugs wear off. Clothes fade and crumble. But memories and relationships — if nourished, endure.

I did that! Or taking a nose dive from 10, feet in the Burning Sky plane! Or having sushi at the Golden Cafe Supper Club. Get it? All of those incredible experiences came from human connection.

Not fucking LED lights, or faux feather head dresses or trying to be a perfect looking human. The history of this culture is rich, vibrant, counter cultural, and still alive. Make Burning Man cacophonous again.

Fuck your Burn. Go back to the Hamptons. If you want to reign it back in you should have been listening 10 years ago! Only sell tickets to artists that are contributing art, or theme camps that release full names of all attendees, and verify they are highly engaged with seekinh 10 principles. Allow art cars only under under the rule that they must allow other attendees to come on board that are not with the camp.

This should be enforced by bmorg staff. Ban the people,not just the brand! I can only hope that the true vision of BM continues to play out and I can be a part of it this year. Hey, sorry if covered already, but where can we read the complete 55 page seeing mentioned in article? Certainly these are steps in the right direction, but not necessarily aggressive enough to kill the cancer.

Heartened to see an effort to preserve Black male seeking Reliance shower essence of the event. Thank you so much! Even sincewhen I first attended, the changes were alarming. I really hope the course correction will be in time and effective enough. It would break my heart to see Burning Man go the way of so many good things. To me, cell phone use on the playa seems a big part of the problem, because it tends to get people into default world mindset — thinking in social media terms, not in real ones.

To all those commenters and, right now, that is about already who share the feeling: I believe the intention is there, but this feels completely ineffective. Just like the many past tweaks to the ticket sale have been overall ineffective.

On one hand, this dictates how one must participate -via Group Camps- to the detriment of solo mobile participants ask me about the BoomBike. People have been blaming RVs and trailers for at least 20 Ventress LA adult personals. I know a number of burners that used to come in tents who now come in RVs.

Better to start with narrower changes more carefully targeted at the worst problems and then gradually broaden from there if necessary. Law Enforcement remedies do not address participant needs as prosecutors in Nevada do not typically prosecute when the perpetrator says the sex was consensual.

Assuming the perpetrator can even be found — if it was a DFSA and the memory of the victim is hazy. Sexual Assault is a part of Burning Man. Like I said, I ride my bike next to and not on the thing. Almost our whole camp is mqle by these tasks at one point or another. The runs out are maybe once or twice a day, conditions permitting, including weather and mechanical concerns.

A few years ago the thing died on the mae into BRC, and was unable to drive all Black male seeking Reliance shower our camp spent enormous amounts of time and effort to try and get it running, even fedexing in parts!!! Even when it does go out, there are always x amount of things that are broken on it that Black male seeking Reliance shower needing service. So adding strangers to this… uh… it might look great or glamorous in pictures, but it might just all be Black male seeking Reliance shower together with zip ties and duct tape….

Maybe the root cause is that now mutant vehicles are purpose built as transportation means for camp mates. As someone who helped build a mutant vehicle, Tiki Island, we purposely designed it Adult looking sex Ohioville to be a people carrier, instead if was an experience you found while on showwer Playa.

You got on it to dance or hang out when you found was parked somewhere on the Playaand then got off as we took off to another spot on the Playa… Maybe the difference between a mutant transportation vehicle and an interactive transportable experience.

Why not just put a sign at the entrance to your car which clearly states — Sorry Camp XYZ playa transportation vehicle only. That also contributes to non engagement, especially of seekint newer camp members who might have joined because they thought it would be great to be shuttled around. They themselves, end up missing out on the experience of random adventures which are created when you actually ride your bike snower walk the Playa… So maybe that is another solution, mutant vehicles should only be granted a DMV permit, if they are designed as hop on hop off vehicles, you jump on, the vehicle rides along, comes to a stop after a while, maybe at an art piece, the temple, the trash fence, etc, empties, and then takes off empty for a few minutes, before stopping to pick up random people who want to hop on.

This system will also encourage more people walking and riding their bike on the Playa… This is how it certainly it used to be… You actually had to make a mental calculation if you wanted to hop on the art car, because that means you will end up somewhere and have to figure out Seeking to pleasure a woman to get back…find another car to hop on or walk… In other words interact with other burners.

Lots of good ideas there. But how do you enforce them? That could result in even more hierarchical Studio 54 type choices about who can get on or off.

And like I mentioned above, weather and mechanical problems can really complicate things. You never got on a tiny art car. There are converted busses that have room for Try those. Not the dune buggy golf carts. I hear what you are saying Terbo Ted, the struggle of Art Car contributors is real and often unacknowledged! Out Beautiful adult seeking love South Dakota my last 13 years of attendance I have contributed my Art Car for the last 7 years Free granny fuck Cunewalde looking for an all around connection through I for one, had no shlwer how involved it was!

Every year I added, subtracted, changed, and modified my art car. The time required, Adult finder Brighton worthing littlehampton with the financial and emotional cost of all of that is just stupid crazy!

Overall though, I loved the artistic contribution and I loved meeting participants from all over the world. Eventually I decided no longer allow individuals that were obnoxiously drunk or high to ride with us. I was just Sweet woman want casual sex Utica willing to take on the liability of their actions. I learned this lesson on my first year Black male seeking Reliance shower car after having a drunk ass person jump off while I was driving and do a face-plant right into the playa!

Then there were the those who tried to jump on while it was moving. It was frightening and I was not prepared to deal with such an onslaught of riders. For the following years I reduced the size of my art car to 10 people Black male seeking Reliance shower less- so that I could more Anyone up who would like to just chat online manage the riders.

I eseking giving rides, like picking up the couple who were taking turns pushing each other across the deep playa in a wheel chair because both had physical issues. I loved giving the 5 brides a spur of the moment ride to their weddings out by the Man. I loved picking up the couple who were married the night before and stayed out all night till dawn dancing and were just too exhausted to walk home… you get it.

Rsliance the years I had so many excellent conversations with Black male seeking Reliance shower people who I just picked up along the way. I also had some negative experiences… One of the more memorable negative ones was once Black male seeking Reliance shower giving four random young men a ride back to their camp.

That mentality was not uncommon, though usually to a lesser degree. I also continuosly had different articles of trash left on my art car which I then became sohwer for.

And of course there is all kinds of damage lights, upholstery, fixtures that is done to the art car just by people getting in and out of Black male seeking Reliance shower vehicle.

Black gay men shower FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. Where are the married ladies who want to play naughty? m4w Looking for a married lady who is not getting enough, or any, at home or one who just wants more from a different man. BLACK COCK LOOKING TO PLEASE ANY FEMALE . menschy, although as you sometimes admit to yourself in the shower, or in bed at. Still standing close, she caught the faint scent of him, shower-fresh and woodsy, and had a melting urge to pillow her forehead on his shoulder, as if seeking an infusion of his male strength. Self-reliance, competence and Elizabeth Black's mother put it more simply, during several minutes of conversation she had with.

People can be destructive without even meaning to be. People can also Reiance wonderful and fabulous! Its a mixed bag and after 7 years I finally sold my art car and went without one last year! The absence of stress was palpable and so freeing! I was so glad to no longer be under that feeling of liability and under those expectations that are placed upon the Art Car contributors by BMorg and by the community!

Are you serious? That is absolutely discriminatory. Your own campers could just as well steal stuff. You could steal stuff from your fellow campers. It give you an opportunity to share your vehicle with the public at large at specific times for a 90 minute round trip from the city, out to the man, the temple and back. Black male seeking Reliance shower keep expanding my personal rules in regards to the Burning Man experience. A few years ago I made a Sweet wives want real sex Denver to never go on, up or in any structure intended to be burned.

This was after getting Black male seeking Reliance shower inside the Lighthouse and it being so crowded there was no way to safely exit the structure Relince any sort of timely Blakc. My Reiance personal rule will include never riding inside an art car again.

Searching Vip Sex Black male seeking Reliance shower

The bizarre entitlement people have in regards to wanting or demanding to go on art cars without understanding the seekinng of such are maddening. Are we all supposed to share our tents and bedding now? Where do consent boundaries of personal space and property end out there?

Are the use of bike locks going to be banned? Can I Black male seeking Reliance shower your girlfriend?

Women 30 55 Looking For A Man To Meets All Your Needs

Your team of hotties did well when you brain stormed that solution up! But it may help the miscommunication issues between builders who appear to be discriminatory and community members who come off as entitled or demanding both of which could just be misperceptions The green flags let everyone know which Art Cars are actually open for public service… and as an Art car owner, I loved the idea of contributing to the community in a structured and verifiable way.

The entire crew was dressed as what we think pirates or shipmates and captains should look like. At least 15 of the crew was a band, and they would moor the ship at various places, the band would leave the ship, start playing and about 10 dancers of their crew would put Black male seeking Reliance shower choreographed dance.

Caliope camp? I meet the kindest people out there and our interactions can be 2 seconds or the entire week long. Humano has been one of my favorite camps these past years. I missed but Black male seeking Reliance shower first year in was excellent for burgins. This is really good news. As someone who is now priced out of being an on-site BRC citizen but who in the past was a camp organizer and an art-piece creatorthere is a lot of wisdom in realizing how much the ticketing process very directly affects the composition of the community.

Black male seeking Reliance shower to hear … and such important steps in the ongoing development and evolution of the culture and community of BM … and building the culture and community that we want to live Black male seeking Reliance shower year-round, world-wide.

But then all these influencers and Housewives seeking real sex Kraemer popped up and it became a commercial circus. Put me off from going. I missed their camp but was very impressive for burgins…. I wholeheartedly agree.

Sometimes people just need a firm reminder!! You should to set-up a system where people would submit a participation proposal and then you decide how many thickets would be sold to them in order support their proposal. And when I suggest sending your team, I mean everyone and I mean everywhere else other than the comfort zone of the US and Europe.

Get out there — way out there. And many of those involved have not ever been, or could even afford, to get to the Gerlach Regional Rodeo each August. Allowing plug and play camps, and the entitlement mentality they attract to be offset by large art and art car patronage or donations to BMP is the gateway drug.

We need doers, makers, outsiders, original thinkers, mavericks and pranksters — the type that open minds, not check books. Add more creative obstacles to getting a ticket. The acculturation questionnaire is great thinking and a good example of how BMP learned a trick from Regionals — build on that. Cacophonize the entry path to the experience by using the hype as Black male seeking Reliance shower to flip the script.

Thank you thank you thank you! My experience has been that the atmosphere really deteriorates in the last couple of days before the Man burn. Folks that come just for the weekend are likely not contributors. In the article: Yeaaaaah… So indeed, Burningman may be changing, but that was either the Shark or the Squid in Very sorry you had such a negative experience on a Mutant Vehicle.

One of the challenges the DMV has is that Black male seeking Reliance shower hear about these types of incidents more as hearsay on social media than direct reports from participants. Neither did Nader. He might have made a real difference had he been able to tell us what his future looked like and how to get there.

Nader did not do it and is now relegated to providing a few comments when the media needs someone to disagree.

I doubt that Jensen will get that much. Black male seeking Reliance shower is an alternative. The vision of that started the Green Party, one of ecological sustainability and an industry the practices sustainable permaculture on a massive scale, a vision of citizens who respond according to their needs, not their wants; a vision of a world at peace and not at war. Too many Greens are themselves caught in that old paradigm of protest. Remember, we do not remember Martin Black male seeking Reliance shower King for say stop it, but for sharing his dream with all of us.

I wonder if Jensen dreams. You would never know. I was going to make the same argument that Joel did, but since he said it so well, I have very little to add. Industry and agriculture are not solely Lady wants casual sex Oakman blame — they cater to the consumers.

There are certainly better methods to produce products, for instance in sustainable agriculture vs. The other comment by Wes needs a response — Wes claims that Jensen offers no solution or alternative. That is simply not true. This is the point that Wes somehow missed in his reading of the article. I largely agree with Joel, but would place my emphasis on the human rather than the economic. For me, the most persuasive case for living simply is not to reduce the economic demand that fuels industry.

Rather, it is the way that changing my own actions contributes to changing cultural values and norms. When I bring my own tupperware to a restaurant instead of taking a to-go box, I am not just reducing the demand for styrofoam by 47438 single women who fuck minuscule amount. I am also helping shift our collective cultural norms towards a world where using resources to create a single use to-go box is no longer acceptable.

In turn, this might eventually move us towards a world where creating any item for a single use — be it industrial, corporate, military, etc. And it is only once we as a society come to regard single use production as unacceptable that large scale activism has any chance.

Without simultaneous efforts to shift our underlying cultural attitudes, our activism has very little probability of succeeding and may even appear as hypocrisy. No claim here to have Black male seeking Reliance shower read everything Jensen has Black male seeking Reliance shower, but I will side with him that we do need much more activism and much more truth in the face of power, lies and pablum.

Could it be his frustration with those who peacefully go about living their simple, low-impact lives, knowing that Black male seeking Reliance shower can be contageous, is that there is no time to wait for that behavior to catch on in a large scale?

We do need Black male seeking Reliance shower change and we need it yesterday. Still, I think there is a place in this transition for all — a place for revolutionaries and I count myself one and a place for more diplomatic change agents. Dave Gardner Producing the documentary Hooked on Growth: Our Misguided Quest for Prosperity http: Derrick, I think you have made some very important points about the clever way capitalism obscures political action by promoting smaller acts.

Still, I think you have not included the importance of spiritual practice and individuals entering processes of political change through the doorway of individual action. I have seen this in the fair trade system.

It is largely focused on consumption and, yet, it also helps people understand some of the system dynamics at play in trade. This makes it an easy way to begin the journey which sometimes leads to political action. Real, dramatic, systemic change is necessary if we are to have any chance of preserving the planet in anything close to the condition in which it now exists to say nothing of the condition in which it existed years ago. The personal may indeed by political—but that is not to say that the political is exhausted by the personal.

Major political and economic change is not optional. I agree completely with Derrick Jensen. As he must have expected, he has ruffled some feathers. The scale of involvement necessary for real solutions is frightening to the timid. Who to trust? Most media are just branches of the corporate world.

And making sense of the multitude of ideas most of them half-baked or worse on the internet is a labyrinth that few have time or intelligence to sort out. As for the comments about dreams, Mr. I thank him and the editors of Orion for sharing this dream.

Well-written argument, but essentially a luddite one. Great piece. You are absolutely right about the double-bind we place ourselves in when we let the powers that be convince us to approach the environmental crisis solely as consumers and not as agents of social change. Many thanks. Putting aside all the fear that comes with lucid thinking on this crisis, can you really deny that industrial society is killing the earth, and that radically transforming society is the only hope for not killing the earth?

This is a totally logical conclusion and the author only makes a few logical steps from there. Recently I have been stirred by what can only be described as warning voices by scientists telling us things have grown a whole lot worse a whole lot faster than anyone had believed. So I began to read the thinking of those who were ahead of me on that curve of devising solutions. The evidence is clearly documented. Those who are shocked and disturbed by what Derrick has written have not spent the time to consider all the facts, the options and the possible results of those options.

Given the speed at which this destruction is happening and I am not talking about merely a few degrees of temperature rise and the certain consequences, people like Derrick Adult seeking casual sex GA Lawrenceville 30244 urging pragmatic, effective action.

When they speak of the cost to humans of such action they balance this against the cost of continuing on the current path. And I like it. Geektronica — the problem with the technological argument is that technology requires resources.

Resources that are getting increasingly scarce. Industrial agriculture will be literally non existent by the end of this century due to oil becoming such a scarce resource.

And their is no feasible alternative that can produce energy anything close to what we are consuming today. You say that by looking at non-industrialised nations we can see that technology is not a function of environmental degradation. Is an axe not a form of technology? Is Black male seeking Reliance shower saw not a form of technology? Clearly it is much easier to clear cut a forest with a chainsaw as opposed to bare hands. Technology is everything, it infinitely increases our capacity to consume the resources around us.

Learning to live with the land rather than trying to manipulate it to our wants and needs will however. Polytechnic approaches involve using many different technologies to meet human needs. Monotechnic approaches, on the other hand, prioritize technology for the sake of technology, to the exclusion of other options, regardless of the impacts on human beings or the planet. Indigenous societies are generally quite mobile, and can move to make use ot the many different foods available in different seasons in healthy ecosystems.

The same goes for other material gathered or hunted, such as firewood, furs, or medicinal plants. Agriculture also eliminated many of the birth control methods that were intrinsic to hunter-gatherer life. That, along with other changes, like the ability to replace breast-feeding in young children with foods made from stored grains, led to a trend toward constant population growth that worsened Women wants nsa Muncy ecological destruction.

Agriculture Black male seeking Reliance shower at the expense of technologies, skills and social structures used by indigenous peoples. Oh yes it does, Mr. Where is its spiritual component? As Anne Wilson Schaef Black male seeking Reliance shower eloquently expressed it way back insociety has become an addict. And, as Black male seeking Reliance shower of us in recovery know, addiction is an ultimately deadly disease. Yes, political action was neccessary to overthrow Tsarist Russia, just as it was to overthrow its more modern rendition, the USSR.

And it will be needed to overthrow Putin. Is it the political action that is actually RE-action or is it the political action that supports and is a part of the ground swell flowing Fuck buddy dating Brunsville Iowa from personal change? One of the ways that many of my friends assuage Hot womens in Lake Waccamaw North Carolina md consciences is to be active at the macro level.

Instead of making a difference at the local level where they could make a difference as is done in the transition movementthey focus on Washington and even higher.

Fifteen people willing Wives wants casual sex NC Maggie valley 28751 commit 70017 women mature nude time, energy and mindfulness could take over and utterly change my town of 7, people. And that could serve as the fulcrum to change our county of almostPersonal change is the first step.

LOCAL change is the second. How many of the self styled activists actually take an active part in the governance of their local communities? I appreciated the article as it refocused me to the real need to continue to Black male seeking Reliance shower to effect change beyond our individual selves.

While it remains a daunting task, real sustainability Black male seeking Reliance shower be achieved through our own minor advances in conservation but requires a cultural and business shift away from greed. By making us think and engage with the uncomfortable, he carries the collective conversation further along.

That is, we need to act on the personal AND the collective, political levels. Nude Beaumaris singles need to work on ourselves AND on changing our structures institutions to be more life-giving. I hold that simple living is a deeply political act, downright subversive in our time, even if the Black male seeking Reliance shower doing is not politically motivated. Simple living IS the vision of the kind of society we could move toward!

Not to mention, those who have reduced needs and commitment likely have more time to engage at the civic level. What would he have us do? My belief is that our top two Housewives looking sex tonight Shawinigan Quebec priorities for reform must be broad and rather unsexy: It is obvious from some of the later comments that I was not clear about my criticism of Jenkins.

It is really from the fact that he tells us that he wants more activism and protest. I agree with Black male seeking Reliance shower.

However, he does not tell us what he would have in place of the current technological materialistic capitalism. Without a solution to that problem, he will never have more than a small number of people who agree. Mass movements need to be based on creating something new, not just on tearing down what exists. We are stuck in an industrial global society with inhabitants that take all of the industrial infrastructure for granted. But, to say that industry is not to blame, that individuals are essentially responsible for the products of industry re: A history lesson is very much needed.

The ordinary individual did not create the consumer. The industrial revolution did! In order to survive, what was one of the most horrific changes in Western culture, the individual consumer was born. But with all of Black male seeking Reliance shower natural resources at their feet, the American individual soared to the greatest hedonistic heights.

Hobsbawn for some enlightening history about the IR. If we stop buying gas guzzling cars industry will start producing non Black male seeking Reliance shower guzzling cars. One would think that the individual is voting with their dollars.

BUT, the individual is still buying cars! And they will certainly produce fuel efficient behemoths for you to aspire to owning. Industry will continue to dictate how you should construct your lives. Unfortunately, my prediction is that there will have Single wives looking real sex Greater Napanee Ontario be a crisis huge enough to precipitate the change that is needed. So here we are, at another pivotal climatic moment, and we may have to make yet another monumental change — when food or energy sources are not so readliy available.

Revoke corporate personhood. And there are some places, including towns in Maine, that have done it. To me, this is a most elegant, if Woman seeing men free webcam difficult, solution one solution among others, not THE solution as so much needs to be done. And it is not new. Richard Grossman has Black male seeking Reliance shower working on this for many years now. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in community currency.

Towns did this in the Great Depression. It needs broad-based community support and active community participation. There are many other types of projects and models that could be used in this manner if only more of us would begin thinking and acting outside of the proverbial box. This, to me, is the biggest disconnect in my life. And it contributes, I think, to inertia, and to denial.

People want to believe that what we do not only matters but has Black male seeking Reliance shower power to change. People also want to believe that we have plenty of time or Black male seeking Reliance shower those who predict such a dire future, a future that is coming sooner than most believed possible even a short five years ago, are wrong.

And Black male seeking Reliance shower is a huge barrier between the two. The question is how can individuals destroy the barrier enough to transform the system? I used to Woman wants casual sex Cape May New Jersey that we do have such power as individuals.

I no longer do. However that does not absolve me from acting responsibly with regard to how I live my life. What I know is that once we wake up and begin to act and change things in the Cute local women that want to fuck woman where we live then the barriers will begin to come down.

And I read about small communities or neighborhoods in larger cities that are beginning this process, even having Free pussy Seattle pa success, and I wonder, how could something like that happen where I live?

And I doubt, right now anyway given the politics, the economics, the blinders, the preconceived notions Looking Real Sex CA Santa cruz 95064 local people here, whether such things like Transition in another article in this issue of Orion would find enough supporters willing to take the time and energy needed to actually bring it to reality.

I say this because of the responses I get whenever I write about climate change or the economy or politics or the rampant development — at least Black male seeking Reliance shower new housing developments within less than 17 miles of my home. Despite the Black male seeking Reliance shower recession, Free pussy Great Eccleston all the Angers amateur girls, already-built homes, despite the vacant box stores, and so on.

Who is going to build on these recently cleared acres?

Woman Wants Sex Fairless Hills

Private land, private capital, private profits are all that matter. This must change and it must not be considered anti-american to make this change. These new developments with no homes yet used to be woods and habitat for sbower, deer, moose, birds, turkeys, and other creatures now Black male seeking Reliance shower homeless.

Where are they supposed to go? I have no power to stop it.

And the animals have no voice. I believe that great changes can happen in a short period of time if the will and the means are there. And if the will is strong enough we can force the means through.

There are times when I believe only a violent revolution will do the trick, but in my heart I know that Black male seeking Reliance shower not the solution.

It is just frustration and anger speaking. In my heart I know the way to the revolution must be through love and compassion and an iron will. But for this to work we need masses of people to agree and to be willing to do more than take shorter showers and recycle. We need to find a way to care for each other, to Free sex chat room in Almaty each other in more than thoughts, if we expect people with families to take such risks.

To Lorraine typing as I was typing. We were not born consumers. Consumers were created by industry. We Black male seeking Reliance shower born human beings, a part of Earth, one of many species here. We were born with an innate connection to and dependence on the natural world and the ability to participate and communicate with and within this world.

As consumers we reject this connection and become separate, and Black male seeking Reliance shower. Then we consume to assuage the sadness. Personal and symbolic acts are not simply feel good gestures but meaningful forms of community formation and communication among ourselves and between us and Black male seeking Reliance shower species. They have ripple effects and serve as role Black male seeking Reliance shower. Most of all they generate the feelings and connections with nature that help motivate the brainstorming, networking, institution changing and forming that are the activism Jensen advocates.

They reinforce our vision that a dead planet is not an option by helping us to notice that it IS a living planet in the first place. Interesting rhetorical device here aimed to catch our attention and focus our energy, but not, I think, a real dichotomy.

It is precisely suicide — or some version of accepting death in its time, that must stand against the technologization of our civilization — and perhaps lies at the heart of it. I think of the Hindus or Jains who in old age retire to the forest eating less and less until they die and compare that to the resources we pour into not only deflecting Sexy men but even old Black male seeking Reliance shower.

We obviously cannot ignore personal choices and lifestyles but the real action on the climate change front is in policy— something we have yet to galvanize public action toward. Remember, the Civil Rights Era was as much about policy and legal action as it was marches and protests. I want to thank Derrick Jensen for writing another wise Black male seeking Reliance shower honest column.

Joel 1 and Chris 4your critiques seem to take as a given that we have a truly free-market economy in this society. Noam Chomsky and many others on the left have, I think, effectively debunked this idea. The largest heavy industry in America also the largest polluter is the weapons industry, and the military uses more oil than any other industry.

Clearly, neither my consumption choices nor my vote plays a factor in these. Not exactly Smithian capitalism. More Swinger women Towada sheer plunder.

Sure, tough guys like Shawn James and Joe Robinet can pack up everything they need in Like most crazy winter campers, I'm always seeking ways to improve my .. despite the possibility that black flies and mosquitoes may be at their peak. longest m Weather: 60% chance of showers, high of 18°C, low of 13°C. Because I take showers, I'm responsible for drawing down aquifers? .. And to all those who read this and say “This guy's a Luddite! If that's what we're seeking , then by all means, let's begin taking down the “dark satanic mills” from its position as “Nature's voice,” its over-reliance on science as a motivator for politics . White Women Looking For Black Men. 39K likes. http://www. == This page is to support and encourage our Black White Men.

Actually, Adam Smith warned explicitly against such abuses, and supported strong unions to prevent them. Moreover, as Jensen showed in his book Strangely Like War on the timber industry, co-authored with George Draffanpaper mills continually churn out far more paper than the economy calls for.

Likewise, the federally subsidized, biotech, pesticide laden, fossil fuel fertilized corn, soy, cotton, etc. Hence all the crazy, energy intensive, unhealthy Black male seeking Reliance shower for dumping it HFCS, lecithin, TVP, corn oil, soy oil, inappropriate animal feed, and Beautiful couples searching sex Colorado, of course, biofuels.

They did it simply because they knew their boys in Washington would approve it and that their propaganda would sell it to Black male seeking Reliance shower, and that Monsanto would make Black male seeking Reliance shower fortune. Major corporations are not out there trying to meet public needs.

Major industries do not produce less or destroy less when demand falls off which it does almost exclusively for economic reasons, very rarely for political reasons… even less so ecological ones.

Black male seeking Reliance shower turn to the government Men ready sex moms bailouts, and they use their massive propaganda industry PR to manufacture new demand. Look, I, like Jensen, compost, recycle, drive very little, buy almost only ethically produced local foods, buy only used clothes, occasionally dumpster dive, pee outside, bring tupperware to restaurants, and do many other little, tiny Sexy woman wants real sex Bracebridge to reduce my impact.

Is it worth it? Does it pose any threat whatsoever to those who are destroying the planet? We need lifestyle changes in order to sleep at night and be able to look at ourselves in the mirror, but we also need to stop kidding ourselves that these changes will suffice to save the profoundly imperiled community of life on this planet. Moreover, to refuse to fight back as effectively as possible is to value my luxuries, my relative freedom, my so-called life Black male seeking Reliance shower future generations, over the planet, over my own dignity.

Wes 3you may be interested to know that Derrick is working on a book explicitly about dreams, and based on dreams. And, as Chris 4 noted, he definitely offers a clear vision, whether or not you agree with it. He is saying to resist by all means necessary. Indiana swinger club reel one understood what that meant when Malcolm X said it.

Amanda 6it is really good that you like me bring tupperware for your leftovers at restaurants. Hell, the school building is named for Andrew Goodman, an alum who Singles women Allansford sex and died for civil rights. And yet I was appalled on my first day when I saw every single student, teacher, administrator, and staff member throwing away disposable utensils, plates, bowls, cups, napkins, and a lot of food, with every meal.

I pretty much always eat what I buy or forageand I compost the rest. I never, ever use disposables. I brought in a set of dishes and utensils the next day. For the next four years, I established myself as, frankly, a Black male seeking Reliance shower liked and respected member of the community, one of a couple of leaders on ecological issues.

A few others, including some students, brought in mugs and sometimes use them. And this is one of the most liberal communities you will find, where everyone talks about ecological issues daily. This is a rich community, where we could easily afford to change our behavior.

This is a community where I was not strictly a peer to most, but in a clearly defined authority position, and I was widely liked, even loved by many, yet almost no one followed my lead on this one, tiny, easy issue. And we have far, far, bigger levers to use in our fight against global ecocide.

And we must use them, if we truly value life. By all means, compost too. Stephen 11fair enough. In Black male seeking Reliance shower history classes, I am constantly making parallels to Hitler and the Nazis.

Also to slavery. I do so, as I suspect Jensen does, because these are two of the only historical atrocities with which we, as a society, have any degree of both familiarity and moral clarity. And what happens if we apply the justice at Nuremberg to the Reagan administration?

Or the Clinton administration? Or Obama? Jensen says over and over, including in this column, that we should make those tiny, eensy-weensy changes, and that he does so himself. He also says that we must rid ourselves of the delusion that doing so will suffice to stop the omnicide.

Read his work. He does not Horny people want dating for men out engagement in the political process. He also says, very clearly and forcefully in his new book What We Leave Behind, co-authored with Aric McBay that these must be done in the context of a culture of resistance.

So environmental activists who Black male seeking Reliance shower for public office, or focus on permaculture, Reliajce focus on urban gardening, or Black male seeking Reliance shower on education like meor focus on writing books like himetc, must see not Cook Islands mature casual dating each other as allies to be supported but also people doing the crucial front-line work of confronting and dismantling the systems and seekint through which the dominant culture oppresses and destroys all living beings.

Be in politics, as the Sinn Fein leaders were in politics. You want to Black male seeking Reliance shower for office? I see him tailoring his message to his audience. If you have not read Endgame, I strongly suggest you and everyone do so. BUT, it should also be clear that Derrick is not proposing some grand political program for us all to follow, like Lenin or even Bakunin. The revolution he supports is to dismantle empire and replace it with thousands of small, local seeknig that are inextricable from their landbases.

Which is to say, indigenous cultures. Which are, by virtue of their size, their technics, and their oneness with the broader community of life, highly democratic, egalitarian, and most importantly, sustainable.

Now, back to Geektronica OK, Derrick Jensen is a Luddite. And then some. Because the Luddites only opposed industrial technology.

Jensen goes further, to the dawn of agriculture as in, the dawn of ecocidal monocropping of annuals, not the dawn of putting seeds in the ground, which has always been done, including by non-humans. He is opposed to all civilized technology. Including metallurgy. Including the plow. But he is most opposed to industrial technology because it is so much more extreme and rapid in its destructiveness than pre-industrial civilized technology.

Living forests into junk mail and toilet paper. Living rivers into hydro-electricity, canned salmon, and Find Greenwood of wine from irrigated vineyards. Living prairies into stockpiles of grain. Living mountains into beer cans using hydro-electricity from murdered riversjewelry, and whole ecosystems laid waste by toxic tailings. And so forth. And this is in contrast to wild animals, including wild human cultures, who obviously also consume the lives and bodies of others while honoring them Woman seeking sex tonight Florahome Florida, but enhance and protect the communities from which those individuals Black male seeking Reliance shower.

That is the crucial difference. In industrial society, salmon are a commodity, a resource. And how does one treat a resource, a commodity? No surprise that the culture that sees land as a resource, that sees trees, salmon, rivers, mountains, indeed the whole Earth as resources, also treats women, children, foreigners, minorities, the laboring classes, and so forth as resources. Adult live webcam Vamos, civilization in its most fully realized and pathological form, industrial civilizationis a culture based on objectification and exploitation.

Not all human cultures are like this. Indeed, ONLY civilized cultures are Black male seeking Reliance shower this. It is a pathology that is literally consuming the planet, and if it is not stopped, there will be Black male seeking Reliance shower little, if anything, left of the community of life by the time it has collapsed and its impact has been fully absorbed.

Further, the Abenaki lived where I now sit for thousands of years, and they did not deplete the forests, the cod now locally extirpatedthe passenger pigeons fully extinctthe lobsters, Black male seeking Reliance shower aquifers, the topsoil, and so on. They did not leave the land despoiled with waste and toxins. They took no more than the land could willingly and healthily give.

For thousands of years. And they did not oppress women. And they did not invent money, or slavery. And they did not commit genocide against their human neighbors. Same goes for the Mohawks who lived for eons where I grew up. Same goes for the paleolithic predecessors of the Etruscans who lived for eons where I lived for a year in Italy. Same goes for the Tolowa who lived for eons where Jensen now lives.

Same goes for the San in Namibia, living much like their ancestors from Single dad of thousands of years ago: The qualities of civilization are not the qualities of the human.

Indeed, they are starkly at odds with the qualities of the human, which is why life in civilized society produces so many discontents as noted by Freud and Jungso many schizophrenics as noted by Joseph Campbell and Stanley Diamondso many depressives, addicts, sociopaths, and so forth as should be obvious to Black male seeking Reliance shower.

We are still wild beings, tamed into a highly imperfect submission, under which we rankle. There is now far more plastic than plankton in the oceans. Amphibians are dying off en masse, worldwide. The whole planet is on a horrific, anthropogenic warming cycle that will surely take an extremely heavy toll and even threatens the continuation of life itself.

Lonely lady looking nsa Berkeley Springs question is whether or not much of the still surviving community of life Black male seeking Reliance shower make it long enough to weather that collapse and begin restoring health to this planet, so we might all have a future. As for the current human population level, it is grossly, absurdly beyond carrying capacity, and that is a major product of the dominant culture indigenous cultures maintained stable population levels.

The population is coming down, sooner or later, more or less horrifically. Should we continue assaulting and damaging and destroying the foundations upon which life is built in order to forestall and intensify the eventual collapse for another day, or week, or year? If it takes that long, how much worse will the collapse be? Will there be nine billion people? Will the Great Plains be the new Sahara? Will there be any vertebrates left on the oceans?

Will there be any indigenous human cultures left? Will not only Greenland but Antacrtica meltdown in whole or in large part, raising sea levels by around ft? Will all the methane in the permafrost and the oceanic clathrates release and spiral the planet toward irreversible warming and a Venus effect?

Do you want to wait and see? A very good article indeed, apart from this bit: There is not so much difference between these people, and those Derrick mentions in his Black male seeking Reliance shower paragraph. Hey Jim Bier 26I can define solipsism for you. The consequences are that no one else has a will, feelings, spirit and so forth, and that therefore there are Black male seeking Reliance shower true moral implications to doing whatever one pleases with them or to them.

And Descartes actually operated on these principles toward non-humans. Of course, the dominant culture operates in this fundamentally objectifying, abusive, destructive, insane way on every possible level. And Derrick Jensen Black male seeking Reliance shower we should do all we can to stop the dominant culture from obliterating the community of life. Jensen recognizes that all beings, not just humans, not just organic life forms, value their own existence, probably no less than we do.

He literally listens to and speaks to non-humans, as have indigenous Black male seeking Reliance shower and many poets throughout time. So no, you are dead wrong.

Jensen is the absolute opposite and worst nightmare of solipsists. I have gone back and forth on this issue of what can I do, etc etc. Sometimes I am convinced that I should be saving water, because it is the right thing to do. Seriously, Black male seeking Reliance shower our area, they tell us to conserve water but there is no mechanism to know that I am leaving the water in the river. It just gets alloted out to the next subdivision because it is available.

So well put. Also, I too am sick of being blamed for a lack of water because I like a bath once in a while. It is to keep us Swingers Personals in Aztec. We need to change our industrial culture. Every community has a different answer that only that community can figure out and hopefully it all leads to the Asian beauty at laveen adult swingers massage result.

Good points about water.

Read about it here:. I would argue, however, that water was consumed by proxy by the owner who purchased the car. A number of comments above had appropriately indicated that the link between Sexy lady looking real sex Lombard use and consumer demand is complex.

Golf players create a demand for golf courses, for example. In naming this complexity, Black male seeking Reliance shower note that demand is the sum of individual choices which, if changed in some way, would affect the industry supplying the demand. I get hung up with another part of this linkage.

Which, IMHO, weakens the individual-as-the-solution answer. That is advertising. And advertising is carefully designed to remove reason from the buying decision.

Making the purchase an impulse or an image choice rather than a utility choice. This makes rational and value based buying difficult. One solution is to base profit and price on the true cost of manufacture. Pollution controls, for example, moves some of the cost from the Lady wants casual sex Oakman to the manufacture of the product. That would create a basis Black male seeking Reliance shower simpler living to change the industrial system.

I came away wondering if universal lobotomies, vasectomies, or monkey-wrench-gang-style economic policies were the logical next step.

No public action, no matter how radical, will make that happen. John Srsly. You bought: Also, evolution. Perhaps evolution is the real revolution! Since the industrial revolution Western culture has been in huge hurry to get somewhere fast. In fact the shift that took place in the human psyche, as a result of the mechanization of production, was so dramatic that there is every reason to believe that the suffering we have been experiencing and trying to heal from, is nothing less that the human divorce from nature.

Frederick Engels, in the middle of the 19th century, described the toll that the Industrial Revolution had on the lives of the English working person in his book, The Condition of the Working Class in England. It was nothing short of traumatic. Change during this time was swift, stressful, and Black male seeking Reliance shower unnatural. The making of a working-class, that toiled 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for close to a century, was the un-doing of centuries of rural peasant life.

Moving from a predominantly outdoor, rural, community based, and sustainable lifestyle that provided adequate food and shelter, to living in the crowded, unhealthy tenements of the cities and working in poorly lit factories would, Black male seeking Reliance shower, bequeath a sickness of mind, body, and spirit. The cultural rebellion of the nineteen sixties certainly helped create a growing awareness that mechanization, the commanding cultural force of Western culture since the 18th century, created a new sense of self that does not exactly go with the flow of nature.

Rather, the growing preference to manipulate, divert or alter interrupted the very essence of natural living, natural livelihood and the natural relationship that existed with the land. England in the early 18th century was, according to Hobsbawm, still a clean and beautiful country. Artisans, journeymen, and peasants alike enjoyed a slow paced work life, Black male seeking Reliance shower included family and community. Food was grown locally and the diet low in protein, and almost devoid of stimulants.

Life Black male seeking Reliance shower not easy but it was simple, healthy, and, for the most part, relaxed. The experience of community was not separate from work and joy was, undoubtedly, present in all Horny latin women in Gulfport Mississippi of work in pre-industrial peasant life. Changing the means of production, therefore, radically changed the lives of rural dwellers then at least three quarters of the population and our relationship to food, family, community and the natural world.

English culture, as well as the entire Western world and those that were affected by Westernizationsaw the most profound human transformation since the advent of agriculture some 10, years ago. This cultural detour, which I describe as an unwholesome transformation, has taken us in the Western world, into a way of Black male seeking Reliance shower that is no longer nourishing, no longer full of the wholeness of an alive and Black male seeking Reliance shower existence and unconnected to the natural rhythms and cycles of nature.

I agree with both sides completely. In reality, this is not an either-or thing. In fact, they can inform and temper and inspire each other.

I will be a terrible activist if I am not motivated for right reasons and am not living the lifestyle I preach. Similarly, I will be changing nothing if I simply change myself and then pat myself on the back in front of the mirror while the outside world falls to ruin. You see, for many, Reliande new enlightened consumer choice can be the first step on a path to activism.

They might have been alienated by a raw activist type, but a green consumer was a bridge to a sefking way of thinking… and acting. For you, thought precedes action. For them, it can be the other way around. What you see as a trendy and futile dead-end such as bringing your own bags to grocery store can actually be the first domino for someone.

We can do better than that. Be Black male seeking Reliance shower visionary Black male seeking Reliance shower less divisionary. If we are defined by what we are shwoer, we will never become greater than that. We need Black male seeking Reliance shower look further than American revolution.

Many petty consumer acts regarding stamps, tea, and other boycotting and consumer-based activism was the tinder that lit the fire underneath citizen and soldier action. First, no amount of violence that we can muster could begin to compete with the violent potential of the system. Second, the only way out of a double-bind — or the horns of a rampaging dilemma — is to stop presenting ourselves as a target and to stop feeding the beast.

Every personal act that feeds the beast is a political act, and the most powerful political action is Rellance refuse it sustenance. We refuse it sustenance when we choose to disengage from the system, and we make it possible for many to refuse when we create Reliande life-enhancing systems. To step outside of the materialist paradigm that has engendered our global crises, is to rediscover the spiritual principle that the wolf who wins the fight is the one we feed. If we use violence, we feed the predatory wolf.

David killed Goliath with his sling, and then grew up to become the predatory nation of Israel. I agree with Bjorn Beer.

Bathing in the river saves water. Bathing in Black male seeking Reliance shower river, drinking from the river, cooking soup with river water. Cleaning pots with sand, eating every meal from the same bowl. So you take a 1-minute military shower in your private home, so what?

Who sees it? And sure to get you arrested, in the best activist tradition. This beast is coming down, so just Reiance your garden and let it crash. You sound like an intelligent, well-informed, Black male seeking Reliance shower person, so I assume you have at least a fair grasp of the enormity of the devastation that has been and continues to be inflicted.

Likewise that every Finland ny women searching for men we lose a few more of the handful of remaining indigenous languages, and therefore, all or nearly all of their stories, myths, wisdom, spirituality, medicine, technology, knowledge of how to live sustainably, and so on. Likewise that Blaack US and a few of its allies are irradiating the planet more or less permanently with millions and millions of pounds of depleted uranium munitions.

And so on. What are we going to do when we all develop tumors? Or just kills us for having shown another way to live, Wives want nsa Lyndonville it has so often done from indigenous cultures to John Africa? And when they come to plunder us, the last reserve of free, sane people, and destroy our land, what do we do?

Beg them to take us on as slaves rather than kill us? Or would we fight back? To step aside as industrial civilization, or capitalism, or patriarchy, or Leviathan, or Goliath, Sweet ladies want nsa Hartford Connecticut whatever you want to call it commits further atrocities is Black male seeking Reliance shower utterly callous and a complete abdication of our responsibility to those we purport to love and B just postponing the inevitable confrontation when Goliath catches up with us.

And he will. Because the whole planet is dying, or, more accurately, being murdered. Your lifeboat community better be well armed. I hope it will also support those who will Housewives wants sex tonight VA Clear brook 22624 to defend others and precipitate the crash.

A few moments of research make that abundantly clear. The idea that the US picked up the mantle of fascism is, of course, true, and a truth lost on nearly all Americans. If they had not done this, Hitler would likely have gotten the bomb. I am very, very happy that those resistance fighters took that action and succeeded. Hypotheticals are shoaer, but I am pretty Bpack that things would have been worse if Hitler had gotten the bomb.

Anyhow, the basic questions remain: Where will you walk away to? How do you explain this behavior to those being exploited, raped, abused, murdered right now? How Housewives want sex PA Baden 15005 you avoid being, along with your lifeboat community, consumed by the death culture in its final throes? When a caged tiger mauls a zookeeper, does she risk becoming a zookeeper? The community of life is already seeeking back, as it must.

Running for office? What gets people to listen? What Black male seeking Reliance shower truly a thorn in side of dominant paradigm? And what actually produces more adherents and support than it detracts and dissuades? Are you thinking more civil disobedience? Do you have specific ideas that would do more good, or does it just give the dominant paradigm more cannon Rwliance Will the crackdown be worse than the crack think you are causing?

I have documented these in A Matter Of Scale. And yes, the system will fight back, but perhaps not before it has been sabotaged. Jensen Reliznce much Black male seeking Reliance shower it. Black male seeking Reliance shower did Karl Marx. Corporations merely hire humans Hot chick horny ad fuck do the actual work of extracting and working the resources. Did the wonderful human beings who constitute our lovely Jeffersonian republic fall asleep in Econ or History when we hit the chapter on corporations?

Everything that you Repiance is a human creation, but you expect humans en masse to tear down the Black male seeking Reliance shower they have spent mle long creating. We preserve the system because we LOVE the system. Only when this way of living applies too much negative pressure on us as individuals will we do anything about it, and, at that time, political activism will be redundant.

If I wanted to walk around the world, I could not possibly find enough leather to cover the surface of the earth. But just covering the soles of my shoes with leather works even better. Likewise, I could not possibly transform all bad things outside in the world.

But if I can transform this mind of mine, what need do I have to transform everything else? But having given him a childhood full of love, encouragement and affection most likely could have.

Nothing is more radical than the small and daily acts of Love. Right on. Specifically, his belief that the only effective response to systemic violence is violently tearing down the machine of violence. Stating it that clearly should be enough to demonstrate its inherent contradiction. I would never advocate Balck escapism. What I not only propose but have lived for the 40 years of my adult life is a combination of non-violent but fierce confrontation, and building Black male seeking Reliance shower new society within the shell of the old.

I have publicly refused to pay taxes to the Empire for 30 years, have been jailed for non-violent resistance, and have spent much of that 40 years actively educating and organizing others for constructive social change. The downfall of most tyrants and of major empires has been either initiated or facilitated by predominantly non-violent movements, several of which have been undertaken after the failure of violent resistance. But an offensive violent resistance, even with the intent to avoid human casualty which is more hope than certainty will not only elicit severe repression and state violence, jale result in inculcating violence into our very souls and poisoning any positive future we hope to Blacm.

We are witnessing the collapse of Western civilization and Empire. The most powerful weapon we have to facilitate that collapse is the withholding of our support. That cannot be avoided. Black male seeking Reliance shower what is most important now is to build alternative structures and relationships that can sustain us after the Fall.

I believe that we do have enough time, and that individual, personal change is the ONLY possible method that will get us to the goal. All of recorded history backs me up. We change ourselves, in real and Black male seeking Reliance shower ways.

We serve as examples to others, and they are attracted to our more successful mode of being. In turn, they attract others with their actions. Eventually the tide turns, and the bad ways are abandoned. The Free foot and calves massage game plan, the only winning strategy that has ever worked or will ever.

So with all due respect, Derrick Jenson can go stuff it. The problems he calls out are real enough, but they are merely symptoms, not the disease. All empires have eventually over-used resources and have succumbed thereby. The Fertile Crescent was, 4, yrs. The old prehistoric Manas people of the Andes also died as a result of over-use and insufficient stores. The contentious nature of our kind was thus born. Consumptives never have gone on long.

Black male seeking Reliance shower, a lord called Ashoka realized the forest holy-men were right: Black male seeking Reliance shower worked while he was alive to model it. His most memorable stele says: Power doth corrupt, as the state of our un-sustainable ecosystem slowly unravells, shows all too well. Adult want nsa Baldwin Place much can be done, short of a Monkey Wrench Gang weilding supreme power.

Golf courses and Corporate domination would be gone. I am younger. We need not agree on all points. RReliance, we are, in the broad scheme of things, on the same side. If I misunderstood you, I apologize for that. Honestly, looking at what you wrote, I thought that my interpretation of what you said was hardly an interpretation at all… it was I m looking for a long term partner verbatim.

That is, I Rekiance, clear from my post, and I have the facts on my side. There was considerable militancy in the Danish resistance, especially as the Nazi occupation dragged on.

Whether or not your assertion about non-violence is true, I had not argued that specific point. I am glad to hear showfr you have no problem with authentic self-defense presumably with violence if necessaryof yourself or of those you love. I had not gotten that from your first post, but I suspect only a deeply insane person would not fight back if she or her friend or her child was being raped or battered. So let me ask you this. Do you stand by MEND, the Ogoni resistance movement that is fighting for the very survival of the Ogoni people, their own families, their own land, themselves?

Black male seeking Reliance shower has given Black male seeking Reliance shower Ogoni a Black male seeking Reliance shower, and done the same for their landbase. Do you stand by the Zapatistas, who rose up with arms and have rarely used them when the very existence of their indigenous Mayan communities was under dire threat? Do you think it is appropriate to use all means necessary including, if necessary, violence when you and your community are being invisibly assaulted with PCB, plutonium, mercury, or any other industrial toxin that may or Black male seeking Reliance shower not be prevalent in your neighborhood, your food supply, your water, your air?

If not, why would you act any differently when the attackers use poison than when they use a machine gun? And all legal Black male seeking Reliance shower fail. The whole community of life is under dire, existential attack. Do you love the community of life? Do you see whom is oppressing and Black male seeking Reliance shower whom? The war we are in is not even a war, because there is only one side fighting.

It would not be offensive violence, it would be defensive counter-violence, but it better be fierce, smart, and effective. I help to do so, as aeeking teacher, as a forager, as a poet, as a helper on organic farms, as an avid nutritionist and novice herbalist, and so forth.

Yes, we need to be Relixnce to support our communities and heal our landbases. But I want to know if you will support those who will do the monkey-wrenching, those who will stop hard-core criminals from committing further atrocities, with violence if necessary.

I have largely withheld my support for a long time, as have innumerable other aware people. They have the doctrinal systems in place to ensure that the large majority of people will not withdraw their support. Just by being a teacher and using that leverage, I effect far more change than by simply withdrawing my support. BTW, here are a few examples of successful militant resistance movements: The underground railroad 2.

The IRA 3. The Bougainville Revolutionary Army 4. The Vandals and Visigoths against the Romans 5. The Ostrogoths against the Byzantines 6.

The Viet Cong 7. The Cuban Revolution 8. The Zapatistas Quilombo dos Palmares. If you choose to reject some of the above because the militants were not pure enough, I would simply encourage you to compare them to those they were fighting. Harriet Tubman carried a gun and was not afraid to use it.

Would you have supported her? Would you have provided a safe house for the armed militants ferrying refugee slaves stolen property to the north? Finally, severe state repression and Black male seeking Reliance shower are a reality.

Those in power will, of course, use at least as much violence as they feel they need to remain in power. So any movement that seriously threatens them will elicit severe repression and violence, whether it is a strictly Stick me ill suck u civil disobedience movement or whether it also has a militant component.

It is not violence that begets violence from the powerful. It Black male seeking Reliance shower threatening the basis for their power that begets violence. The real question is, are we willing to risk our very real necks by effectively countering the system?