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Is your site facing such a problem? The companyundefineds website is too backward to see, canundefinedt keep up with the existing development demand; The old website does not conform to the search engineundefineds listing habit, which leads to the fact that the website is not in the rank of flow and can only be seen as not practical; The website product page is not new to inspire the customerundefineds desire to buy, and the jumping rate of the website is up to 95 percent; even if the money is to be used for promoting the flow, no one has no consultation and no performance, and canundefinedt keep the client; ........................... 
Where should the marketing-based enterprise web site be optimized? I. The website design is in full compliance with the SEO The search engine optimization ranking is one of the most important website promotion methods, and all the marketing-type enterprise websites should first meet the SEO, mainly in the following aspects: 1. The front desk all generated the html static page 2, the directory hierarchy is reduced, Itundefineds too deep to grab a spider. 3. Automatically generate the site map of the xml format in the background 4, and can be submitted directly to the major search engines through the background 5. The title and meta tag of each page can be customized 6. DIV CSS code writing method, code simplification, H-series/ ALT/ TITLEundefineds rational use 7. With the mobile station, it is best to submit the Baidu mobile adaptation, and optimize the mobile terminal ranking. If an enterprise portal does not design from the SEO point of view, it will take a lot of money to do the site optimization for a professional SEO company. The website is the basis of SEO optimization. Do not build a station with a free template, and it is easy to be judged by the search engine as the mirror station. A lot of time and money will be wasted, so the enterprise portal is preferably designed directly from the SEO perspective. II. The design is in full compliance with the human-friendly operation The website is not a work of art, and must not be able to design a large-scale factory, let the customer look at the eye, have to design clear and clear, convenient for the user to browse. the main performance can be expressed in the following two aspects: 1. The navigation structure is clear and clear. Let the customer go to the website to know what the company is and what products and services. 
Then the customer simply clicks on a mouse to find the information you need, and is convenient to contact your business. 2. The opening speed of the web page is high. Donundefinedt use a pure flash, donundefinedt use too many of the too many modified pictures, because itundefineds slow to open. I used to tell you, the key to marketing is to sell it! The website must give the customer the pleasure! Simple and rough text to solve the customerundefineds pass-through! The marketing-type website itself is more than that of the ordinary enterprise, so as to refine it as much as possible! III. Convenient and easy-to-use background CMS system the background system of the marketing type website does not need to have a powerful function, but a simple and convenient operation interface is required, so that the enterprise can enter the product or the information and the addition of the later functional module, The cost is greatly reduced by using open source CMS systems to run and build stations. 1: Dreamdream CMS open source system The application of WEB is more than 30.55%, it is the first choice for enterprise to build station, easy to install and maintain, the template is massive, the disadvantage is easy to be hacked. 2: Imperial CMS open source system The application of WEB is 5.7%, the load capacity is super, safe, powerful, and getting started is a little difficult. 3: Other CMS systems In addition, there are some mainstream CMS systems such as dynamic, new, wind, dynamic, WordPress (20.31%), phpCMS, and Sdcms for reference. IV. First impressions of the website are critical 1. Itundefineds extremely credible to build the enterpriseundefineds website. Trust is the basis of the transaction, the content in the website must be authentic and credible, it is worth to knock, show a real enterprise level and strength to the customer, and the commitment to the customer can also be done, In the case of network marketing, the two words of the "trust" are especially important, to realize the sales, must let the customer trust you and your company. The enterprise can also increase its credibility by showing the qualification of a third party. 2. Product display with comprehensive and sales force Any enterprise is a sales commodity, a commodity can be a specific product, or a service, or a brand company, or even a person. 
The commodity exhibition is the core element of the website planning, can not impress the user, mainly whether the commodity page has a strong sales force. The core of the sales force for commodity display is to refine the core selling point of the product, and then use the various forms of drawing, text, video and so on to surround and strengthen the core selling point. 3. Rebs mode with hunger sales Itundefineds also very important to buy a lot of marketing big curry, so itundefineds very important to buy it now. Itundefineds the key link to improve the conversion rate, such as the purchase at 24:00, can be reduced by 2,000 yuan, or can get the value of 2000 yuan, etc., This creates a sense of urgency that makes a big part of the immediate determination, even those who are well-known to the model, will make a quick decision. V. It is necessary to have the necessary network marketing tools The network marketing is a marketing method of the collection of technology and marketing strategy, so it can improve the conversion rate of the potential customers to a great extent by adopting a reasonable network marketing tool. for example: 1. On-line customer service system: When the potential customer wants to consult, do not need to call or email, directly through the online customer service system to manage and communicate with the sales personnel of the enterprise. The popular customer service system includes business communication, music, Baidu business bridge, online customer service QQ, enterprise QQ, website message system, and so on. 3. Potential customer tracking system: In the sales science, there is a sentence:80% of the deal is realized after 5 times of tracking! So, tracking potential customers is very important, so if the enterpriseundefineds website comes with a potential customer tracking system, the conversion of sales will be greatly improved. An excellent marketing-type website is far more than the five main features, and it is also very much to be said from the userundefineds experience. It is the most important point in the sharing of the cola here for you to learn the reference. Learn more about 5 points to build our website, the click-through rate of the website, the conversion rate still canundefinedt be promoted, the only reason is that you do not choose the show station net this powerful, responsible and attitude of the conscientious website to build a small-energy hand. Reprint address:






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