Natural Homemade Ways to Conceive a Baby Boy

If you’ve found this article, I have to assume that you want a baby boy, but luckily you realize that you don’t have to go to an expensive gender selection clinic to achieve that goal. You probably already realize that there are natural ways that you can tip the scales in your favor for conceiving a son. This article will discuss things you can do at home to greatly increase your odds of having a blue nursery.

Understanding The Characteristics Of Y Sperm: Before I get continue, I want to briefly touch upon characteristics of boy (or Y ) sperm. When a couple tries to conceive, a man’s sperm carries X (girl) and Y (boy) chromosomes. The Y (boy) sperm are the fastest of the two but it is not very strong or long lasting. It can not survive in a highly acidic or harsh vaginal environment. Therefore, your attempts to conceive a boy should take advantage of the Y sperm’s quickness and try to compensate for it’s weakness.

The First Thing You Can Do At Home To Ready Yourself For Conceiving A Son: I believe the first thing that you should do when you want to conceive a boy is know your vaginal PH and acidity. Because if you don’t, all of the other methods you use will be thwarted because your vaginal acidity will contribute to the Y (boy) sperm dying off before they can reach the egg. You can very easily test your acidity with PH testing strips. Once you know your number, you’ll know how far you are from what is commonly called “the boy zone’ which is the vaginal PH needed to be friendly to those sperm that will produce a son.

Changing An Acidic Vaginal PH At Home Through Foods And Specialty Douches: Many women will need to make at least some adjustments to obtain a more alkaline PH. Some women are naturally very acidic and will have to work a bit harder, but that’s ok. With diligence, nothing is impossible. Conventional wisdom indicates that you need to consume foods high in sodium and potassium if you want a boy and avoid foods that are high in calcium or magnesium. You’ll need to be very diligent about this, but altering foods can bring an acidic PH down. I believe though that for optimal and fast results, it’s best to combine douching and food alteration. Gender selection clinics sell specialty douches for this purpose, but there are recipes that allow you to make these at home.

Intercourse Positions And Ovulation Timing To Increase The Chances Of Having A Boy: Changing your vaginal PH is an important part of the equation, but it is only one part. To get a boy, you should also conceive as close to your ovulation day as possible, (preferably the day of or the day after.)  Anytime before this will give the boy sperm too much time to die off before the egg arrives and will favor having a girl.

You should also use deep penetration with intercourse so that you are depositing the sperm as close to the cervix as you possibly can. This allows the boy sperm a quick, safer trip on the way to the egg, with less exposure to the vaginal environment.

Source by Sandy Dean


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