Janome MC9000 Computerized Sewing Machine – A Review

One of the best brands in the industry is the Janome Memory Craft sewing machine. The Janome MC9000 sewing machine is extremely versatile, with a large touch screen for easy use. The on-board computer can record your stitch combinations for you, too, so that you can easily perform them again later. Whether you are making straight stitches, working on sleeves or performing intricate embroidery, the Janome 9000 performs well.

One Possible Drawback of the Janome MC9000

One drawback that is quite apparent with the Janome MC9000 sewing machine was its apparent lack of production speed. At a normal sewing maximum of only 860 stitches per minute, it does leave a bit to be desired. Embroidery sewing is even worse, falling to on a mere 400 spm. Unless speed is a major factor, there are not many machines on the market that can perform as well.

Functionality of Janome Computerized Sewing Machines

There are many accessories available, including many sewing machine feet. There are feet for many common procedures, including beading, cording, darning, and embroidery. For every sewing application, you’ll find the perfect foot for the job, and that makes the job faster and easier.

Many Standard Janome Sewing Machine features

Standard features on a Janome MC9000 sewing machine include a large and easily accessible screen, built-in needle threader, and easy 3 step conversion from sewing to embroidery. There are 326 available stitch designs to begin with, and you can add more. The on-board computer also lets you record your own patterns, saving them to memory cards which can then be used to transfer to or from computers. There are even three built-in font designs for monogram usage while embroidering.

The Memory Craft 9000 Is Versatile

Keep in mind, too, that the Janome 9000 is built for versatility. It is great for all your projects, but it is important to note that more specialized machines may offer more performance, or a greater number of options. Other machines may lack in some functionality that is available in the MC9000, so compare the machines carefully before you buy.

For dependable, precision sewing, it is difficult to get a better machine than a Janome computerized sewing machine. Intelligent design and simplicity are combined with computerization to make any sewing project faster and easier than you had ever thought possible. Thee machines are built to be used by anyone, whether they are a seasoned pro, or someone who is just starting out, and is learning as they go. In fact, aren’t we all constantly learning? That is what makes the sewing craft such an exciting field.

Source by Robin Murphy


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