11 Best Summer Camp Activities For Kids

Hi friends! Is summer over yet? Nope! In fact where I stay, things are just heating up. But summers mean a break for youngsters, and dealing with tantrums for the parents. So, here comes summer camps, as a relief for both the parents and the little ones. In fact, the activities at the summer camps make the restlessness of the child just vanish. Poof, poof … gone!

Listed below are some activities of summer camps- fun, entertaining and interactive.

  1. Outdoor word games for kids :

This outdoor game is both fun and educational for children. All you need to do is – set up a scrabble games with huge letters, easily moveable. These letters will help spelling out words. This will help children develop an understanding of new words that may come in handy in schools.

  1. Spray painting :

In order to bring out creativity in children, an activity like spray painting is just perfect. Just gather some plain white t-shirts and some cans of color spray paintings … Watch the magic begin!

  1. The maze :

A maze may be constructed in a hallway from either toilet paper or from string of papers. One participant is then asked to make his way way through the maze within a limited amount of time. Amusing, right?

  1. Art and craft :

From making pencil holders to cards, art and craft ensures that the children stay preoccupied and productive.

  1. Mini Olympics for kids :

These will include activities like running, cycling, relay race and many more.

  1. Parachute games:

This one is always a hit. A huge parachute is supported by a group of 6-7 children who have to balance balls placed on it.

  1. Tug of war game for kids:

Do not confuse this one with the intense version for adults. In this game, a narrow rope (instead of a hard one) is made out of material which does not harm kids. This is a fun physical activity, though a little dangerous.

  1. Leaf crown:

This one involves making crowns out of mere leaves. It can be said to be the best summer camps activities out there. It is totally harm free and kids will love performing it.

  1. Making a compass:

All you require is a ball of water, some pins or needles, foam, cork and a paper … some mixing, taping. And directional compass is ready.

  1. Crayon rubbing art:

Hand them a bunch of crayons and watch the creativity flow out. There is no competition involved in this and kids do it which all their heart. Professional or camp instructors should keep watch because children have a tendency to taste such things.

  1. Stick art:

You can figure out the name itself, what this is all about. Matchsticks can be creatively used to make beautiful designs. By arranging them in different patterns, children can make their imagination more cool and artistic.

Apart from the above, there are a number of water activities also, which are even more exciting!

At camps, children learn and adapt the ability to do things on their own. They learn as they play, meet new people, and a lot more.

Source by Naser Alann Banaqeeb


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